Thursday, 22 September 2016


As we know - NOT FOR PROFITS are BUSINESSES!! Yes, they are businesses. Their profit is in their salaries, benefits, and POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS THAT KEEP THEIR MONEY FLOWING! The deal is to just look for a nitch and make a Not For Profit and you have a job for yourself. Then, like any business, you have to grow. How do you grow? You advertise and you lobby for government support. Wow, if you get on the school bandwagon you can even get FREE office space and get into school union contracts so your salary and benefits are paid by the taxpayer - you can even get tenure!! You don't have to manage the children and the curriculum all day everyday and you aren't responsible for grades and outcomes - but you get the same benefits as the teachers!! In fact you are treated better. After all, you know everything, and you just have to impart this wisdom to the principal and teachers who have no choice about you being there.

The MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS GANG  likes to use September for their campaign because it is the start of school and they can get lots of attention then. Of course the Cancer awareness uses October so they can cash in on the Football season and turn all the school stadiums pink and NFL games pink too - of course this is never ending- when basketball season comes we have to turn the gyms pink and endure this then too.

NAMI (the national alliance on mental illness) has a new program YAM. They were all over the front of the newspaper yesterday - Helena is so "lucky"- as usual we are the guinea pigs (first in the  nation) to put their Suicide Prevention program into our schools. Now the president of the local NAMI was at our school board meeting promoting his new program. He testified, and this is public record, that his SUICIDE PREVENTION PROGRAM WILL NOT PREVENT SUICIDE!! So, you wonder, why do they call it "Suicide Prevention" if it doesn't prevent suicide? Well, the name sounds good. All the parents and public that don't go to school board meetings like I do, I'm sure, are firmly convinced that this program will prevent suicides!!

At the board meeting I was at it was discussed that often students who are in this desperate situation of contemplating suicide, don't show any outward signs- as was in fact the case in a suicide at our high school. So - the other students can't really be responsible for getting help for someone if they don't know. So this program is not for suicide prevention personally or as a guardian. I think if you talked to a supporter they would say it's for suicide awareness. 

So, we have to ask ourselves, what is suicide or mental health awareness?? What it is, is SUPPORT for this program. What do the Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Awareness people really want? They want to raise children who will support their programs financially and also VOTE for programs and candidates that will send the money flowing to these Not For Profits. That's what it is folks, what it always gets down to, money. The Not For Profits need money and they are using your child as a conduit to grow their businesses. I go to the legislature and I see them lining up - it's always about money ,"funding" "investment".

There's certainly enough tragedy to keep Not For Profits in business, but are they really solving any problems? Counseling for mental illness is a very dubious business- usually not that effective. Teaching children to be kind and caring for one another is paramount in raising them to be good people, but is Not For Profit propaganda the way to do it?

There is no end to Not For Profits at school these days and to say they are intrusive, not effective, and destructive of good focused curriculum is considered a heresy. Everyone is afraid to say a word. The amount of money the CEO's of these organizations make is hidden, not widely known. It is in the millions. The amount of money they funnel to the Democrat party is also kept quiet. It's a game of secrecy and propaganda as all socialist enterprises are. I say it's time to quit propagandizing our children for agendas in school. They go to school to learn to read and do math. They should learn to be a good person and have some discipline too. I think that's what their parents expect. You shouldn't have to have your child signed up for all this propaganda just because they go to a public school!!  

Monday, 6 June 2016


If you love your country, can you remember when or where you learned that? Chances are that you learned your patriotism in school. I learned my patriotism in school. I learned about American History and sang American songs. I had holidays off of school to honor Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. I learned to admire the leadership that brought us our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. My parents worked and they had more than their parents had had, just as their parents had more than their grandparents. America was a great country admired around the world. We were lucky to live here. Today children protest with signs "America Was Never Great". How did this happen? What makes these children so knowledgeable that they would question the value of their own country?

The news reports that students at Yale are demanding that the college change the required reading in their English classes. Seriously? The students are now telling the faculty what they should be reading? My goodness, why are these geniuses even going to school? They already know everything- they know more than Shakespeare, Milton, and Chaucer among all the others. These authors of the classics are unqualified, according to the students, because they are male and white. Not that these brilliant students are narrow minded or prejudiced. Where did these students get the idea that they were so brilliant?

You need look no further than the new Common Core Curriculum to see how it is done. You might have been taught to love your country in school. Today, if the Common Core Curriculum is taught, children are taught to criticize and disdain their country. Common Core creators and cheerleaders call this "higher level thinking". What they are actually teaching is not even critical thinking much less higher level thinking. If the Common Core creators could do critical thinking they might wonder why when they have their remedial classes they do stand up and teach- while they are encouraging project learning in the regular classrooms? Why they encourage computer programs which are drill and practice while they are forcing teachers to create chaos and teach hit or miss teaching in projects.These creators of Common Core can't even think clearly much less do "higher level thinking".

A whole generation of students has been taught that counter culture is "higher level thinking". The professor says it, the students accept it, and everyone goes away thinking they are geniuses!! This must be why they won't allow dissent on campus - they might have their illusion of being so smart shattered!! Their whole self identity is to just accept things and feel smart. Actually reading Chaucer and Milton and understanding them is hard- just criticizing them as white males is a breeze. Actually studying American History and really knowing it is hard - just dissing the country is really simple.

There are people who have good educations and know history and literature. These people are actually qualified to do higher level thinking. Kindergartners, grade school students, and high school students are not these people. The professors who write their Common Core aligned textbooks are not these people either. I'm afraid that the people who really think are not allowed to write textbooks- they may question something.

The mental health industry has a new research center in Bozeman. As the  head of the local NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) not for profit in Helena says " We find that when we have a research facility close we get more programs in".  In other words, the "research" facility is to promote programs. This is not deep thinking, this is program promotion!!

Our children are being taught to think knowing counter culture thought is being smart or intellectual. It most definitely is not. Becoming intellectual takes years and years and years of reading and studying. It is hard work.

The counter culture crowd that have written the new Common Core aligned textbooks, and the liberal teachers who are feeding them to our youth, do not know anything but counterculture. They can not run the schools much less the health care system or the country. They do not do the work or put in the effort to do anything well. They have taken power and the country is on the brink of collapse- from foreign policy to national debt to the state of the culture and the schools.

To those who say "Well what would you do?" to conservatives, I will tell you. We never thought we were so smart that we would destroy everything. We respected our founders and our heritage. We ran the schools that built this very successful nation that you are on the brink of destroying. We respected our culture. We knew that changes came slowly. We respected what came before us and let changes evolve. We were able to adjust and discard because we went forward with respect for our country and what it stood for. We respected our religion and our culture- we did not think we were God and could control everything.

I learned to be a patriot in school, and you probably did too, unless you went to school lately. Our children will not grow up safe, and our country will not remain strong, if we continue to let these counterculture individuals, who can't even think straight much less higher level, feed their garbage to our youth. It was a very sad day for me when I heard that youngsters were chanting "America was Never Great".

Sunday, 8 May 2016


The new required Common Core Aligned textbooks tell the children that "States can not effectively provide redistributive services". This means that everything we did to help the poor, before the war on poverty and all the Federal Programs, was ineffective. My, My, what else is ineffective? Just talk to any liberal and they will tell you that parents can not be trusted to feed their children- that is why they need Federal programs to feed children at school and even on weekends and during the summer.

What else can't we do? Well, apparently we can't get our own healthcare and we need laws that FORCE us to use seat belts.We can't teach our children about sex either- that needs to happen at school. My, we are a bunch of bumbling idiots aren't we? Everything needs to be managed from Washington.

Our Helena School District just had their strategic planning. They had to hire a consultant to help them do that. They did it one day before the 3 new board members were even elected. You see, those board members don't mean a thing. Their job is to say AYE. Virginia Tribe, the consultant, has all the skinny from Washington. She offers up what the board must do and the board members are Delphied into compliance. They think they are making choices but the choices about what they are going to do are made in Washington.

Well, you might say," It's only the schools." Well," It's only wealth distribution." Well, "It's only our privacy." Well," It's only a seat belt." Well," It's only... Where does the voracious beast in Washington stop? At what point does our freedom become fascist tyranny?

America is a 230 year experiment with freedom. No country on earth has ever been like us. Our Constitution that is being obliterated as our children are taught in the new REQUIRED COMMON CORE ALIGNED TEXTBOOKS that our constitution is "strong because it is flexible" , "is only a framework", "inalienable rights are up for debate" and my favorite "the supreme court doesn't have to go by the text of the constitution alone, they can use common sense and what is going on at the time and precedent", was the beacon of hope and freedom for the world. The children are deliberately taught not to respect that constitution or the founders who wrote it. They are deliberately taught not to respect their country, their heritage, or even themselves. "Americans are greedy racists who use too many natural resources."

The fascists in Washington, the real greedy ones, don't care a whit about our freedom. Just keep those paychecks coming, keep that money rolling out, give us another new program to administer and grants to apply for, just keep us going.

Ted Cruz was the one man who may have stopped them and that is why he was hated and called Lucifer. No country can survive when the young are taught to hate it. No culture can survive when the children are not taught to respect it.

I don't know if the American people will ever wake up and realize what they have lost. They will surely realize it when it is too late - but then- it will be too late. As any refugee from Cuba can tell you, you don't get back your freedom when it's too late.

As I've said on this blog many times- our schools ran just fine before the superior people from Washington took over. I guess the superior ones knew their programs would not produce better academics because the FIRST  thing they did was to change the achievement tests so no one could compare results. Before they took over our children were fed and our poor had relief it they needed it. Before they took over we had a healthcare system that was the envy of the world. Foreign leaders would come to this country for their health care.

We don't need Washington D. C. for most of what they do. Our founders knew what the Federal Government should do and it is in the enumerated powers - national defense and coinage about sums it up. Give us our money back and we'll build our own roads too.

I feel like we are watching a country die- ours. The 60's came and the hippies found it oh so convenient to just do things from Washington- they felt so powerful controlling everyone. Then the executive branch,the president, found it oh so much more convenient to just bypass congress and do things by decree- they call this executive orders. And congress found it oh so much more convenient to pass omnibus bills instead of fighting over individual bills. Dictatorships are just so much easier for the elite to control all. With all this comes the corruption like Hillary Clinton and her influence peddling. Who ever heard of making 115 million dollars for giving speeches? And the 175 FBI agents that are investigating her just can't seem to get off of ground zero- they look- they see- they do nothing. Immigration laws aren't enforced but e cigarette laws are. That's how fascism works- the dictator decides which laws he will enforce.

If you are one of these liberals who is feeling so powerful- watch out- they just haven't gotten to you yet. Our constitution was not written to be flexible- it was written to protect us from just what is happening today. When you throw away the constitution you throw away the frame that holds your picture in place- that picture that is your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.God Bless America and may the "progressives" wake up before it is too late for all of us. We are getting closer every day to the end of that road to tyranny.


Friday, 8 April 2016


If you do much research you are probably aware that the agenda drivers in Washington D.C. carry their causes and money making schemes through associations. Associations are also their propaganda arm. You might remember that Common Core got its credentials as having come from the states by going through the National Governors Association. The National Governors Association is a store front in Washington D.C. Some Governors belong but few have been there.

Associations drive agendas and cut the public out. Our Helena School District is looking for a new superintendent. Since we have been hiring superintendents with the "help" of the Montana School Boards Association and firms we have only gotten superintendents with the credentials to drive the national agenda. Our school district is in desperate trouble. The budget is a mess. The superintendents who were hired to put forward agendas did not care about spending our money carefully so that we could afford maintenance for our schools. Their aim was to put in new programs, build a resume' and get out of town.

In Helena we have hired many new positions that we can not afford like writing coaches and literacy coaches and behavior interventionists. We have started whole new departments like data collection and technology. The new programs are endless and the people coming in to disturb classrooms goes on and on- I just recently wrote a blog about the new suicide prevention program which will bring in "trained" counselor types from outside into the classroom. The teachers have no say in what happens here. Every month the board is treated to an extra board meeting for what many call the "dog and pony show". These meetings are carefully orchestrated to present programs and data that make the board feel that everything they are doing is oh so successful. The board walks away patting themselves on the back and the schools continue to suffer.

The more superintendents that are hired with lists from the associations or firms the more the board talks about "openness". The last superintendent went around and had town hall type meetings in every school. He promptly did nothing at all that the people said they wanted. The board can't wait to have more and more of these meetings where they listen to the public. They listen and then they do exactly what the agenda calls for with no thought whatsoever of what the public said. I guess the agenda drivers from Washington D.C. think the American public is so stupid that these feel good public meetings will make them think they are being listened to.

Today the public is treated to "Community Relations" everywhere. One of the first things the people in Washington D.C. did when they started their programs to take over the schools was to put forward that every school should have an advertisement board outside their school announcing events and so on. Then they encouraged the creation of foundations to collect money and put ads on the radio with the honor students telling everyone who their favorite teacher was and so on. Our district has a committee solely for Community Relations. In the past when we actually had good schools we didn't need "Community Relations". Our schools spoke for themselves. They were our community relations.

Public money used for advertising and "community relations" hits me wrong. It hits me as propaganda like any tin horn dictatorship would have. People shouldn't be paying for advertising and lobbying, they should be paying for good service.

For many years our district hired new superintendents by advertising for them. They even have a personnel director now who can vet the applicants and make sure they are qualified. Our school board members are elected to make good decisions for our schools. They should be making the decision about which applicants they want to interview. It's time to hire a superintendent who really cares about our school district. Someone who wants to stay. Someone who will take care of our problems like rot and decay from not having maintained the buildings correctly or sufficiently for years. Someone who will allow our children to go to their neighborhood schools once again. Someone who will listen to the teachers and do what is right for us not what they are told from Washington D.C.

Our public schools have educated the people who have built this great nation for more than a hundred years. They didn't need Washington D.C to tell them how to do it. As we have gone through the tortures of a beloved school being shut down here because of bad maintenance decisions, we have even heard liberals say that we did well in one room school houses- it's the teacher not the building! Our country is the envy of the world because of the people who live here. We can run our own schools better than Washington D.C. can. Since Washington D.C. has taken over, Helena Schools have decayed and instruction has become harder and harder to deliver. I hope our school board here will lose the associations and firms and bring Helena home to run our own schools. We ran our own schools for more than a hundred years and we did a good job of it too.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016


The new buzz these days is mental illness. The not for profits are ready to cash in. They're lining up at the legislatures for money for their cause - and of course they must practice their cause in the schools. The schools are the big money pot. Our school district here in Helena is ready to jump on the suicide bandwagon. Waiting in line is the sex abuse agenda - the local newspaper has already had them on the front page.

Young people are naturally optimistic - they often think of themselves as invincible and take risks to the horror of their parents. Though being young has all its trials it also is a time of carefree fun. The communist left does not believe in carefree fun - everything is serious and if you don't think so you just have your head in the sand!! When I pointed out at a recent school board meeting here that the new experiment in teaching suicide prevention to our 14 year olds might have some downsides as it has had in other states, I was in fact told by our superintendent that I "had my head in the sand".

Even the one advocate for this program - the executive director of NAMI ( National Alliance on Mental Illness), admitted that suicide programs will not prevent suicides from happening. My information is that in some cases suicide prevention programs have CAUSED SUICIDE!! In one case a young girl who was fragile committed the act and her parents felt the school program pushed her over the edge. Think about it - how effective is group counseling practiced by someone who is not a psychologist or a psychiatrist? Even practiced by a true professional the results would be dubious since the provider doesn't even know the students or their families well- if at all.

One board member wanted to know about data and accountability. This is noble, but how do you collect data on something like this? As the counselors there pointed out - privacy rights restrict the hospitals from releasing data on individual suicide attempts.The NAMI director said they would get "state data". This is the new law that allows "researchers" to get data as long as the name is not attached. I think this is wrong- they are practicing this in our schools too- releasing students cume files "without the name". We are all pawns in this data game now. But, that aside, do you really think this "research" outfit will find that their programs and agenda don't work? As I pointed out to the school board, I have never seen this happen in the more than 20 years I have been watching the school district here. Even the DARE program, which was supposed to prevent drugs and has overseen a vast increase in drug usage at school, still rumbles on and expands- they are teaching it all the way down to Kindergarten now!!

What makes people mentally healthy? Perhaps feeling that you belong, perhaps feeling that you belong to a wonderful successful country and that you have hope for your future. When I was young we were taught just that. Today, if you look at the textbooks, children are not taught to believe in their national heroes. They are not taught to respect them and find positive leadership there.They are not taught to find hope in the great things that the people who came before them have achieved. The children are taught that they, the students, are greedy, they use too many resources and deprive the third world. They are taught "social justice", that everyone except the one percent is a victim.

I know of one young man, and there are millions, who was so invested in the leftist causes that he ruined his life. He was married to a wonderful girl but all he could feel was jealousy because she had achieved more than he. He was angry at her parents because they hadn't had some of the troubles his family had had and they had more money. Life was not about what he could achieve, it was about how he was a victim. That is the result of lefty politics. That is the result of all the social justice speeches that bring in the votes for the Democrats. His wife divorced him and he is still alone and without achievement.

The people that started the Communist left movement were not dumb people. They understood psychology and they used it. How easy it was for them to get people to not take responsibility. How easy to get them to blame the capitalist system for their problems. How easy to get them to believe the government should pay their bills. How easy it was to prey on jealousy. How easy it was not to expect the best out of people. How easy it was to break down the American spirit of resilience and purpose. I remember my mother telling me how the nuns taught her that American ends in I can. That's a way of thinking too- but it may not bring in the votes.

Drug usage causes mental illness. How many young people do you know who do Marijauna and still live with their parents or have never met their potential? How many homeless people have drug addiction problems? This all came about in the sixties with the "if it feels good do it" attitude that came out of the Communist left revolution- and still exists today in the legalize drugs crowd.

Mental illness will always be with us but I believe there will be a whole lot less of it when we all "put our heads in the sand" and get back to the rugged individual. When we focus on all the wonderful and positive things in our world and engender the can do spirit instead of the victim hood saga. Tell the children about how Andrew Carnegie, a poor boy from Scotland, built Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. How he gave jobs to poor farmers and took them out of poverty and into the world of success. We can all do these things. Focusing on the negative can bring in money and votes but focusing on the positive will make a healthier and more successful society. By the way, I always wonder, since the left is so focused on "fixing" everything, why don't they focus on "fixing" our national debt? That's something you can really fix- just quit spending!!!  

Saturday, 13 February 2016


What is THE COMMON CORE? Some people believe, and some in this country are still trying to make you believe, that this is a set of standards for 21st centruy learning. Maybe, you are wise to this and know that it is a national curriculum. If you read my blog you know that curriculum is content. Our school textbooks and achievement tests are now aligned to THE COMMON CORE, thus THE COMMON CORE IS CONTENT, THE COMMON CORE IS A NATIONAL CURRICULUM.

It's great if you understand this, but unfortunately, THE COMMON CORE, is far more devious than even this. If you read these textbooks and understand this content coming from the COMMUNIST LEFT, you begin to understand what they mean by THE COMMON CORE. Think about it, WHAT IS YOUR COMMON CORE? WHAT ARE YOUR CORE BELIEFS? If you are an American they may go something like this- you believe in individual freedom. You believe in hardwork and personal responsibility to make you successful in life. You believe in fair play - justice under the law. You believe in unalienable rights from our Declaration of Independence- the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You probably believe in our constitution that protects these rights.

Most people think THE COMMON CORE is core knowledge in math and reading. This is not so. THE COMMON CORE strives to CHANGE THE CORE BELIEFS OF OUR CHILDREN. IT STRIVES TO CHANGE THE CORE BELIEFS OF AMERICA. That is what THE COMMON CORE is all about.

What is the new COMMON CORE that these GLOBAL SOCIALISTS from the U.N.  and the FEDERAL DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION want our children's CORE BELIEFS  changed to? The most profound statement that stood out to me was that our Supreme Court does not have to go by the written constitution to make their decisions. They use precedent, their COMMON SENSE, and WHAT IS GOING ON AT THE TIME!! This puts our whole constitution up for grabs. The Constitution has no meaning and no authority. Remember, the children are reading this in a textbook. They will believe it is the truth. My husband thinks these propaganda artists will never reach their goal but I'm not so sure. Some high school teachers report that it is harder and harder to teach the truth to children about global warming or any other lefty hoax.

The new COMMON CORE would have the children believe that they live in a Nation State which is no better than any other. It would have them believe that they are responsible to and for the WORLD. They drink too much water and use too many resources and they need to share with the 3rd world countries. It would have them beilieve if they are willing to give up "just a little bit of power" they can be a supranational  Nation State like the Nation States in the European Union and this is so advantageous for everyone. They are no longer an individual, they are part of a COMMUNITY  and everyone in the COMMUNITY is responsible to find consensus and work together. They are all responsible for each other - so there really is no PRIVATE PROPERTY. Of course, this consensus is directed from the central government. A good citizen will not dispute what they are told. If the central government says there is global warming for example, a good citizen will accept this.

This is THE NEW COMMON CORE. Religion is not in the common square, it is to be hushed up, kept quiet. The government decides how things will be, not religion. These lefty atheists think they know more than God!! Your families beliefs are O.K. only so long as they go along with the central government's ideas. If not, they are wrong and children should not listen to them.

National sports like football are not good. Football is violent and causes concussions. What the NEW COMMON CORE really hates about football is that it idolizes the OLD COMMON CORE BELIEFS OF COMPETITION AND THE RUGGED INDIVIDUAL.

The people who have done this think they are very clever and much smarter than you. The entire Federal Department of Education needs to be gotten rid of. Hllary Clinton will tell you "We have come so far , we can't go back!". We can't get a Republican elected because they might take us back to freedom and the Constitution!

America has had great success looking to our creator to guide us. It has had great success under the Constitution that our forefathers left us with. Now we have social rot and massive debt that threatens our whole economy. WE DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT THE NEW COMMON CORE. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT SMARTER THAN GOD. Some things change and some things are unalienable, they are right forever. STAND UP AMERICA AND TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK!!

Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Nikki Haley is so completely wrong!! I have never heard such a stupid and wrong Republican response to the State of The Union Address ! I would ask what she could possibly be thinking but I know - she's thinking what the country club Republicans told her to say!! Don't ride that horse Nikki- I see your career disappearing right before my eyes!!

The angry voices ARE being heard - I would ask," Don't you get it?" - but obviously you don't, you said so, have you looked at Trump's poll numbers lately? He speaks and America follows - why?- because he is RIGHT!!

Nikki- you are a young woman- younger than I - so maybe you can't remember who created this mess. Maybe you can't remember the sixties when the communist left took over the Democrat party. Maybe you've been immune to all the years of lies, agendas, manipulations and new vocabulary. But get this Nikki - IT WASN'T THE REPUBLICANS WHO DID THIS!! WAKE THE HELL UP!! The Republicans may have enabled like a weak woman enables a drunken husband - but they didn't start this, they didn't create this. EVERY BAD IDEA FROM FEDERAL CONTROL OF WELFARE AND SCHOOLS TO VISTA AND THE PEACE CORPS CAME FROM THE LEFT NIKKI.

The left killed Kennedy because he wasn't what they wanted- he wasn't liberal enough. They got their man Johnson in and he rammed through the Great Society. Then he wasn't liberal enough either and Gene McCarthy took over. Carter rammed through the department of education in 1977. Today we have a national curriculum called Common Core. Our children are being propagandized in their seats.

No, the Republicans are not responsible for the social rot and TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT - THE DEMOCRATS ARE. The Republicans are not responsible for open borders that are destroying our country - THAT WAS TED KENNEDY'S IMMIGRATION ACT (yes, he was a DEMOCRAT Nikki).

The angry American voices may save this nation but apparently not if it's up to you Nikki. You talk about how "we" must fix our schools. Who exactly are you referring to? It sounds collective. The Federal Government HAS NO ROLE IN EDUCATION - get it Nikki - NO ROLE - NO ROLE!!! Education may be doing well in some states and not in others - it's not a "we" situation. Then you talk about the 10th amendment. How can you respect the 10th amendment when you won't confine the Federal government to enumerated powers?!!! Yes, Nikki the American people are very angry and you don't get it. Get going or get out of the way because we're coming to get our country back- with or without you.

You talk about "letting everyone into our country" then say they have to be legal. Legal means not everyone gets in Nikki. Legal means we get to pick and choose who we want. We get to pick people who will actually help this country and are not a threat. We get to look out for our own self interests. As many people before me have said - you can't have a welfare state and then accept all comers - obviously this does not work- just look at our DEBT THAT IS DESTROYING OUR NATION!!

I didn't listen to Obama because I know he is a traitor- now Cuba has our Hell Fire Missile and Iran is stealing technology from 10 sailors they captured. We are in serious, very serious trouble. I listened to your speech because I thought there might be SOME LEADERSHIP TO RIGHT THE SHIP OF STATE AND GET THE COUNTRY BACK TO OUR CONSTITUTION!! BUT NO LUCK - YOUR WEAK MILK TOAST SPEECH ABETTED THE COMMUNIST LEFT AS MUCH AS IF YOU WERE FOR THEM - STILL THE ENABLER- NOT ABLE TO STAND UP AND SAY THE TRUTH AND 

I couldn't believe those idiots on the Fox panel- "your speech was eloquent" really Charles Krauthammer? Like these are the times that try men's souls- that kind of eloquent? Get real! I guess everyone needs their job. The speech was milk toast and couldn't stand up for anything- even putting the blame where it belonged! This kind of leadership will not save this country. Get on board or get lost. We will correct this mess without the establishment Republicans- we will defeat them too. They are only making our job harder.

I generally only watch the schools closely but I can tell you - the radical Communist Left has taken over our textbooks like any tinhorn dictatorship would do. Are we going to change our textbooks every time we elect a new president now? Or are we Cuba- the propaganda stays no matter who we elect because we are a communist country now? Those books are trying to change attitudes of the children who are our future- clear this mess out or be damned!! There's no time for establishment Republican pussy footing around.