Thursday, 31 March 2011

Opening Letter

Hi, my name is Barbara Rush and I am a retired teacher running for the school board because I care about parents and kids. I want our schools to be the very best. I believe schools are for educating our children. Schools should not be used to try to change family values or to add to them. Schools should have an academic focus not a social one.

When schools try to do too much our teachers and students become overwhelmed. The short amount of time in the school day becomes imposed upon and education suffers. Did you know that our high schools ranking by the office of pubic instruction puts Helena High School #11 out of 13 in the AA districts? Capital High School is #8. I know we can do better than this for our kids.

Elect me to the school board and I'll start working right away, asking the questions that need to be asked and voting for academics first (this includes supporting teachers in the job they're trying to do!). Thanks and remember to vote Barb Rush for school board MAY 3RD.

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