Tuesday, 17 January 2012

POWER  Versus  Consensus

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and really thought you got your point across only to find out later that they ignored everything you said? Well, that's what a consensus group is. The  powers that be (those are our elected representatives) will listen and then do what they want. Do you think they already know what they want? I'm sure they do. The direction comes from Washington and all the non profits and grants. One member of the steering committee at the meeting last night finally said "Maybe we are trying to do too much with this whole child concept." She's right but she will be passed by like a post is passed by by a Bullet Train. Do you think this district is going to do away with the whole child concept and leave all their nonprofits unfunded? Not hardly.

So did the public get to vote whether to spend the QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS to fund an architectural firm to plan education in Helena? NO. I wonder how they would have voted. Did the public get to vote on what to pay the next Superintendent (minimum $135,000.00)?NO. I wonder how they would have voted.The public doesn't control anything except their vote for the trustees. This is after all a representative democracy. The only thing that counts is the vote. Without the vote we live in a dictatorship.If anyone can undermine the vote as ACORN does across the country (the latest in the news today is New York) then they have succeeded in subjugating the people to a dictatorship. Is it a coincidence that it is always the Democrats that are against voter I.D.? 

So why have all these consensus groups for hiring the superintendent and "planning" the Helena School District's education future (especially when the curriculums are now being written internationally with the COMMON CORE STANDARDS- no need even for teacher input in our new curriculums)? Have you ever heard of the BANDWAGON TECHNIQUE? If you haven't this is a way of getting people to go along with what you want because it seems that everyone else wants it. In consensus groups who gets to decide what everyone wants? The trustees of course. The trustees have the vote. The firm apparently tracks what people say and tries to get them to say the things that they need to say to get where the board wants them to be. At the meeting last night the firm was lamenting that at the last meeting they didn't get everything they wanted. Maybe I interpreted it wrong but this is what I heard.

Speaking of the vote did you know that the Helena School District voted to go to an all mail in ballot at the last board meeting? Did you know that the voter fraud across the country is almost always with absentee ballots- which are mailed in. Many people who never voted find out that indeed a vote was cast in their name. Did you know that in the City of Helena elections, that are all mail in, less than fifty percent of the ballots were returned? I wonder where all those ballots ended up?

As we register people to vote everywhere all you need is the last four digits of someones social security number and their name and you can register them and sign their card. Then the ballot will be sent to your house and you can vote it! As a general rule the elections officers do not track addresses. In one precinct in another state, 900 ballots were found to have come from the Democratic headquarters.

The problems with write in ballots are very numerous. As we have more and more consensus groups we have less and less security of the vote. I hope this is just a coincidence.

The occupy Wall Street crowds tend to cry "Power to the People"- well I think that is what our founding fathers had in mind and I think that is what is being destroyed here. One mother said to me that people should have the choice to spend their money on the school they want. I agree with that. That would be real "Power to the People". Sitting in consensus groups and having someone else decide what everyone wants is not power. Being forced to pay a monthly fee of $200.00 a month and upwards for schools that you don't control is not "Power to the People". Being put out of your house because property taxes continue to go up as school trustees spend hundreds of thousands dollars for firms they don't need is not "Power to the People" either.

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