Thursday, 9 February 2012

A L F R E D   K I N S E Y 

Who is Alfred Kinsey?? Alfred Kinsey was a professor of Zoology at Indiana University who gained notoriety in the 1940's and early 50's with  his books Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948) and Sexual Behavior in The Human Female (1952). Despite its seriously-flawed methodology, Kinsey's research was accepted as scientific fact by many.

Kinsey did his "research" with pedophiles, prostitutes and serial rapists. The Rockfeller Foundation finally pulled their funding because he never had a professional statistician on his staff. He included films of children being sexually abused in his "research". A Kinsey accomplice in Berlin, Dr. Fritz Von Balluseck, was a notorious Nazi pedophile who contributed his child abuse data during the 20 year period from 1936- 1956. Von Balluseck was tried in Berlin in 1957 for the murder of 10 year old Loiselotte Has. He was described as the most important pedophile in the criminal history of Berlin who had sexually violated hundreds of children over the course of thirty years. Letters from Kinsey to Von Balluseck encouraging the Nazi to continue his "research" were found and reviewed by the presiding judge , Dr. Henrich Berger. Berger repeatedly expressed his outrage at Kinsey for not turning Von Balluseck in to the authorities. There is more to this story and you can read about it in  The Kinsey Corruption , published by Ascension Press 2004.

SO WHAT DOES KINSEY HAVE TO DO WITH OUR SCHOOLS? Well, one of Kinseys conclusions is that the sex offender is not a monster... but an individual who is not very different from others in his social group, and that his behavior is similar to theirs. Kinseys work was used to change the model penal code in 1955. One of his most influential supporters was attorney Morris L. Ernst, founder of the AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION. Ernst advocated the legalization of adultery,obscenity and abortion throughout his career, as well as Kinsey's full panoply of sex law changes. Kinsey impacted the American justice system at large by being cited as the "scientific expert" who supposedly proved that sex offenders were 95 percent of America's fathers and beloved family members. Kinsey considered rape a crime "easily forgotten" by its victims. THE AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION and the AMERICAN LAW INSTITUTE established new regulations defining rape and loosening the penalties. Of 324 homicides in New York in 1930 only 17 were attributable to rape, in 1995 there were 4,654 murders, 3,333 attributable to rape. Does the larger society effect your schools? Yes, it does. But this gets worse.

After the Rockefeller Foundation pulled its funding from Kinsey, Kinsey got his funding from Hustler, Penthouse and Playboy magazines. The KINSEY INSTITUTE LAUNCHED ITS OWN ORGANIZATION- THE SEXUALITY INFORMATION AND EDUCATION COUNCIL OF THE U.S. (SEICUS). Do you remember where our new "Health Enhancement" standards came from? For those of you who may not know, we learned that they came from SEICUS in San Francisco (this fact was not disputed by the proponents). SEICUS's early leader was Dr. Mary Calderone, the past medical director of Planned Parenthood. In 1991, SEICUS issued guidelines for sexuality education that were aimed at INSTITUTIONALIZING KINSEYAN SEXUALITY NATIONWIDE. So now you know where all this stuff is coming from and why they are doing it. It's not to protect kids, it's to "sexually liberate" them. 

If you want to teach your kids sexual liberation theology you have the right to do it. But do you have a right to use our public schools to teach it to other peoples children? I think not. This is particularly oppressive to the poor who do not have a choice of schools-they can not afford to homeschool or send their children to private schools. As for those of you who say "it must be taught at school because the parents may not teach it", I wonder why it is so necessary for 5th graders to learn barriers to oral and anal sex. Do you really believe these kids are doing these things? Like most of you, I never learned these things in school but seem to have done just fine without all that knowledge. 

I was interested to see the comment from the student representative of the high school PLANNED PARENTHOOD COUNCIL on the front page of the Independent Record. She said that students needed all this sex education because it was such a big part of their lives. REALLY?? My kids went through high school doing sports and band and honors academics. I think most people hope that sex is not a priority for their teenager. Even in these sordid days after the KINSEY "SEXUAL LIBERATION" most kids are not mostly involved with sex, irregardless of what the "Health Enhancement" proponents would like you to believe. It's another one of those "not my child or your child but those others". Well if those "others" have sexually active children (anal sex in 5th grade) then the thing to do is to get counseling or education for those individuals- not subject the entire population of innocent youth to the KINSEY SEXUAL STANDARDS.

If you don't live in Helena and you think your children are safe from this I have some unfortunate news for you . The new COMMON CORE STANDARDS 10.55.902 Basic Education Middle Grades, has "health enhancement". The standards are not written yet but if you're in Glendive, or Miles City or Winnemucca you better look out for what may be coming to a school near you! Forty Six states have already signed on, taking local control over curriculum writing from your school districts. One thing you can do is to contact the members of your STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION and tell them that you are unhappy with their rubber stamping of standards that aren't even written yet , standards that take the control over curriculum writing from your school districts. Kinsey is dead now, but his work has unfortunately made a great deal of headway in our country and around the world, however, the American People WILL fight back!

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