Wednesday, 7 March 2012

C R E E P Y!!!

The board meeting last night had three components- the delegations (which are always fun because kids are getting awards and their proud parents are there), policy development, and the superintendent search (they narrowed the applicants from 20 to 4 in executive session). I will just note that Community Service appears to have replaced capitalistic principles with DECCA as reported by their advisor, the car wash they did was for COMMUNITY SERVICE,and they had to go bother the third graders at Rossiter once again to give them a course on finance. So the socialist BUDDY PROGRAM and COMMUNITY SERVICE are both alive and well in an organization that was developed to encourage CAPITALISM.

If the trustees said COMMUNITY one more time I was ready to throw up. I don't know about you, but I live in a city. It's a very nice city, the city of Helena. In fact it's our capital city. I am not part of any COMMUNITY and I have no intention of having anyone manipulate me or coerce me to belong to any COMMUNITY. I am a strong and independent member of my family. I have some very good friends whom I like a lot and many acquaintances. Whom I associate with will be entirely decided by me without any undo influences otherwise- period. Do the socialist pretenders think they can manipulate American's into giving up their strong individual identity to become a part of some NAMBY PAMBY COMMUNITY ? DO  THEY THINK THEY CAN FORCE OR MANIPULATE THE "MASSES" INTO ASSOCIATIONS?

In America, under our constitution, we have the right to FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION. That means, for our Socialist friends edification, that we don't have to do community service or give anything to anyone , or participate in anything for anyone, that we don't want to- period. It also means that we're smart enough to make our own choices and will not be manipulated by all this COMMUNITY GIBBERISH. The scary part is that the people who thought up the COMMUNITY MANIPULATION idea want to change America to be like Europe. That's right- the Europe that is going down. Their socialism and NATIONAL HEALTH CARE have driven them to bankruptcy. They can not go on. The president of the European Union even said that SOCIALISM IS DEAD in Europe. Give it up. Why in the world would people in the United States of America want to manipulate the "masses" to be like Europe for heavens sake?!! How about trying a system that actually works- that would be capitalism. Europe has an effective tax rate of from 51-55 percent and they are drowning in debt. In America, under Obama, we've gone from an effective tax rate of  21% to an effective tax rate of 28%. We are also drowning in debt and the socialists want to take more money out of the economy and give it to the voracious government beast . Our COMMUNITY BLATHERERS would like the masses to get comfortable with higher tax rates and MORE CONTROL from the government.

Did you notice that Governor Schweitzer says he can create health clinics for state employees without the approval of the legislature? Yes, if you are a state worker you will be forced to get care where they tell you. Nice. My husband goes to Missouri for heart surgery, if he had to stay here he'd be dead.

Back to the school board meeting. The longer you go to school board meetings the more you realize how little control the trustees have over anything. The policy guru was there from Missoula. I have come to realize that this woman is just there to tell our school board all the things they must do-read liberal courts are mandating. Did you know we 're REQUIRED to allow kids who think they're gay (how many of them are unhappy and confused and being unduly influenced?)to form clubs and use the school to propagate the GAY,LESBIAN, TRANSGENDER, BI  agenda? If the schools don't they can't have any clubs at all. At least one school district in Utah chose that option. I can't imagine why people are taking their kids out of public schools-can you?? By the way, did you notice that our school district is $423,000.00 short? Forty kids left our elementary schools in Helena after the district decided to force sex education on them. A loss to the school district of about $280,000. 

What else did the guru have to say? Well, if you have a pet allergy you are not welcome in public school. The Americans with Disabilities says you don't matter- If some kid is on a 504 (adaptations for kids with disabilities) and they decide they need a dog in class, or a pet miniature pony, they can have it. If your child has an allergy to the pet- too bad for you. Of course the idea of class disruption is never an issue- what do you think schools are for anyway-education? The Guru couldn't understand- why ponies? But I could tell her. The horse special interest has been around for awhile. These people want to live on a horse ranch and get a federal paycheck. They have horse riding therapy for the disabled and now they are apparently expanding their business to selling "therapy" miniature horses. I'm sure if it wouldn't be just too ridiculous, they'd want the schools to bring in full size horses and have hitching posts in the classrooms! Guess who's paying for all this? You are. Remember, money is power and power corrupts. We live in a world that has gotten completely out of control with special interests overwhelming the rights and needs of the majority. I remember when our district had a bereaved principal who brought her dog everywhere-even to meetings with parents. As reported by some teachers, it got pretty smelly in those meetings when the dog had flatulence. My,My, as the government gets more and more powerful the needs of the majority become nonexistent- even the right to have meetings and classrooms without animals.

The Guru wasn't finished. Next was dress code. Forget it, the courts have decided that dress is freedom of speech- noting that dress can effect others. A little birdie told me that at Hawthorne school they bring in High Schoolers to teach Sex Education. One of the young ladies showed the 5th graders a picture of a girl in very provocative dress. When it was suggested to her by a fifth grader that dressing like that may encourage unwanted advances she told him"It doesn't matter if she was completely naked!'' Wow, just think of that, a nudist's dream. I wonder how long before the nudist's need for free expression trumps everyone else's right to modesty?

 The control freaks dream- every kid on a school bus with three point seat belts and in car seats, passed without discussion. Well, why not- the district is only $423,000 in debt, who cares if the district pays the most possible for bus transportation, even if kids were safe anyway? As one board member pointed out at an earlier meeting, we have to keep government control consistent so the kids are always used to it- they do it in their car so now school busses will be consistent with their car experience - even if statistics show that kids on busses without seat belts are safer in the bus than outside of it. 

There was a long executive meeting to narrow down the number of superintendent candidates. We had to pay the most for that too, apparently our board was incapable of determining a candidate that would be good at helping all kids get a good education, they hired a very expensive firm to do that. So now they have three local candidates from Helena, Butte and Stevensville and one candidate from Colorado. Somehow I think the same people would have applied and they could have looked at their background and experience themselves - my goodness- with the internet they could have googled them !

So the socialist CREEP (sounds kind of like a dance from the 60's) is getting CREEPIER as our freedoms become less and less and the COMMUNITY GURUS attempt to work their magic on our minds while all the special interests are getting their pay. How long will it be before COMMUNITY SERVICE becomes mandatory as it was in the soviet block? Probably not long as they're already doing it to teachers. ANYBODY READY TO TAKE AMERICA BACK YET??


  1. No Man (or Woman) is an island. No man (or woman) stands alone.
    Like it or not Barbara, you ARE part of a community.

  2. I am a part of what I want to be a part of. Don't tell me what I MUST be a part of. Every association demands some buy in and I choose to be free to associate with whomever and in whatever way I choose without your or your friends input.