Friday, 15 June 2012


Have you noticed that every time the Schools want to pick your pocket for more money they say it's "For the children"? But is it really about the children?Schools are such a sleeper issue. It gets so frustrating for someone such as  myself. The liberal left/communists know exactly what they're doing and the rest of society, for the most part, just doesn't seem to get it. Even conservative publications will say that Bill Clinton was a "moderate"or that he had good "policies".  SERIOUSLY?!! Bill Clinton, under Hillary Clinton, emasculated our schools. Our schools are a nightmare for America today. The "village" concept is in full play, right down to mental health care , feeding, daycare and gardens. Today, the Obama administration has in place a national curriculum, and it seems that hardly anyone not involved in education, even knows about it, or cares. Who would have ever thought that the United States would have a centralized curriculum such as in the old Soviet Union?!! We used to be horrified at the Soviet schools that were dictated to by the Federal government and were forced to teach propaganda. It is reported that Nikita Kruschev said the Soviet Union would take over the United States without firing a shot. Eventually there would be so little difference between the United States and the Soviet Union that they would blend without a whimper. The Socialists/ Communists have put our schools on this course.

 When I was behind the wall in 1975 the people had no rights, everything was for the good of all. The good of all was what the government wanted- just like here in America, public land is not for the public, it's for the government, you can't even walk on it without government permission. Everything was supposedly done because, sometime in the future, there would be this wonderful panacea. It never happened. Government does not make panaceas, government amasses power. Think of Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler or Assad- it's all the same- government power. Our schools are raising the next generation to love big government, to believe in big government more than themselves or their parents, to trust big government, to let big government determine what the truth is and not question it. Like a sick family, the sick government we have coming from the left will say the opposite of what they do. So-if they say higher level thinking skills, what they are really doing is  mind control.

How are they doing this? I'll give you a few examples. My husband and I worked the polls at the recent primary election and we were in a school cafeteria. There were many posters where they served all the free food. One of them was of the Statue of Liberty and underneath it, it said JUSTICE. Were the children supposed to believe that the Statue of Liberty stands for Justice, which is FREE FOOD?Along  the wall in front of our polling table were a series of posters. They said- Eat, Learn, EARTH, Friends and Play. What does EARTH have to do with eating your lunch? The  Friends poster showed a peace circle. The recycling bins were there also.Our children are being taught the phony idea that justice in America is redistributive justice rather than justice under the law. They are being taught to accept socialism/communism. They are being taught to accept everything the environmental whackos come up with as truth.

 Under the new Common Core , or National Curriculum, children will start learning about global warming in Kindergarten. There is no global warming, this is catastrophe politics bent on convincing the population to give up freedoms and rights over the land. Al Gore said we'd all be under water by now. If Global Warming was happening it would have happened by now. Where are you Al? Which mansion have you jetted off to in your private jet while our little ones are being fed this garbage? Twenty Six states have signed on to the Common Core, National Curriculum, science standards already. I don't know if Montana is one of them but I wouldn't be surprised. Denise Juneau and the State School Board are cooking all this up SANS the legislature. I just looked at all the bill drafts briefly, I didn't see one to repeal Common Core in Montana, but hopefully the people will demand it.

Trying to control the people by amassing power over their schools is an idea as old as time. Even in the sandbox someone wants to control others. The grand Constitution of the United States of America is one of it's kind. It was written to stop tyranny over the people. It has made America rich beyond the founders imaginations. America, the hope of the free world, what will the world be if America and it's grand constitution comes to an end because of these socialists who prey on our schools? Freedom, as it was written and has lived in America, will die out forever and tyranny and repression will return as in days of old. Will the American people allow this to happen? You see, it's not about the children, it's about America and the rights of men to live free. Children still go to school in the yellow school buses  but what is happening there is a dire threat to America. If only the people will finally realize what is happening and put a stop to it. In Helena the people are so blind they just voted the president of the union's wife onto the school board! Sounds unbelievable, but it has happened here.People have only to reach out and take the vote their founders gave them and save themselves, save all of us , including the children.

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