Monday, 18 February 2013


When New York City with all its liberals had finally had enough- they couldn't even walk in the streets anymore, panhandlers were everywhere-and filth and garbage and graffiti and crime- they had a police chief that decided they would not tolerate ONE BROKEN WINDOW. He realized that one broken window leads to others, and broken windows give a message about tolerance for destruction and crime. Our schools and our society need to go back, to go back to NOT ONE BROKEN WINDOW.

When I talk to teachers who are retiring this year, very sadly for me, they are not saying the usual"I love my kids it's just that darn administration"- they are saying IT IS THE KIDS!! The school board just says "kids have changed so we need to take EVERY federal grant and EVERY new social emotional program". Yes, kids have changed, but lets face it- they didn't come out of the womb that way!! It's not as if social emotional problems happen in the womb!!

When the Federal Government took over the schools in the 90's (The bureaucrats are finally ADMITTING it was Federal take over as they make excuses for Common Core "The Federal Government ALREADY HAS CONTROL SO IT'S NOTHING NEW!!), I was really upset about it because I knew what would happen. I said to myself well, I (and many others) couldn't stop this train wreck, but in twenty years we will know who was right about these federal programs. It's been twenty years and now teachers are retiring BECAUSE of the children.Even the school board liberal whackos admit- the children have changed- of course they can't see the correlation with what they've done and the discipline problems they have- I guess it's all the parents fault!!

I've spoken on this blog before about my time at the poorest school in our district, Bryant. I loved that school. For most of my time there we all- children,parents and teachers alike- respected each other. I taught kids self discipline and fortitude and focus- I taught them the skills they needed to climb the ladder of success- and the parents appreciated that. One of my parents from those days recently told me I "Changed her child's life- he learned to get organized and work hard and care about school". Today he's a successful nurse anesthetist and he passed out of his program with a four point!! I'm not a genius and I didn't have to use any fancy federal program. As teachers from forever- I just taught the good old American values- worked hard and loved my kids. It works. No matter what the snarky liberals think, it's really not that complicated and they and their beloved federal government really do not have all the answers. Not only don't they have all the answers, what they have done to our society and to our schools has not improved things- it has made things oh so much worse- teachers are now retiring BECAUSE of the children!! When the Federal Government brought in their "broken windows" to our school, discipline broke down and kids began to change over night. Children look to adults for leadership- if they are a victim they act like a victim - if they are an American rugged individual upon whom responsibility is inherent- they take their responsibility.When the water bottles and snacks came in the discipline went out. When the free lunch and free snacks and free coats and free school supplies and programs that interrupted the academic day took precedence- children's attitudes toward the value of their education and their responsibility within that discipline changed.

Liberals have been making fun of our successful American culture for a long time. I remember in Berkley how they would make fun of shows like Leave It To Beaver and The Donna Reed Show "because they were not realistic". Kids going home from school and seeing shows that gave them an ideal to strive for and showed them the best of what a healthy family would be like- modeled good behavior and good values for them- was "bad". I guess going home and watching MTV or playing kindergarten assassin on your computer is better. Modesty was out and now soft porn is in at the drugstore as basically naked women with huge breast implants frequent the covers of magazines and sell their sex to children and everyone else who comes into the store. Gee- I wonder why children have changed?"Free love" was in with the hippies- modesty and waiting for marriage was "so stifling", so "not sexually liberating". The hippies brought in the drug culture too- what's wrong with a little LSD it's all"cool man". And everything is relative- "Just because you have an intact family and your parents don't do drugs doesn't make your family any better!"

I'm just going to say this to the conservatives- quit being afraid of these whackos. NOT ONE BROKEN WINDOW!! Children will change when society changes! No porn at the grocery store- put it behind the counter if you have to have it and that definitely includes Cosmopolitan Magazine with the big breast girls on the cover. No half time shows at the Super Bowl where the actors have to use sex to attract because they have no talent. In school you cover up- no low tops- and boys can wait until college to grow their beards. No pregnant girls running around school- if you have to live your life that way I guess you'll just have to do Digital Academy or have a teacher come to your house. No graffiti anywhere- especially in the parking lot where the kids here in Helena are now allowed to paint their parking standards with graffiti- the graffiti came and then the garbage. No more relativity- there is good and bad and right and wrong-period. Things will change when the American population finally demands it - NOT ONE BROKEN WINDOW!!

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