Thursday, 8 August 2013


For a long time now, across America, and the world, progressives have tried to remake society. They have condemned the state of the culture, calling for relativism in its place. These progressives have been known to have relative values "If it feels good do it!". As they have sought to tear down the culture that said you should go to church,or dress modestly and appropriately for occasions,or save sex for marriage, they have tried to "fix" society- to erase all poverty and struggle.That's where the EXPERTS come in. If you are going to "fix" society you have to have EXPERTS who know what perfect is.These experts give us political correctness- they know what we can say and what we can not. They know what we should eat and how we should raise our children. They come into our homes on home visits. They make laws governing our relations with people,how we use our land, how we run our businesses, how much water can come out of our shower head or go down our toilet, what kind of light bulbs we have to use, and how we and our children MUST sit in our cars. How do you think the "EXPERTS" are doing so far in creating the perfect society? I personally think the society is experiencing a CULTURAL IMPLOSION.

Our forefathers believed in the individual, they believed in human nature, they believed people had free will and could make their own choices, they believed people should have the OPPORTUNITY to pursue their happiness.Government was there to provide a civil society and keep people and property safe by basically enforcing the Ten Commandments "thou shalt not steal", "thou shalt not kill" and so on. The federal government in the constitution has the right of "coinage"- making money, and the COMMON defense- not your personal defense but the defense of the country and its borders. I always shake my head in wonder when progressives say " If you don't like our idea what is yours?". CONSERVATIVE IDEAS ARE THE IDEAS THAT WORKED!! THE IDEAS THAT GAVE US GOOD HEALTHCARE, GOOD SCHOOLS, A CIVIL SOCIETY, A PROSPEROUS ECONOMY, LOW UNWED BIRTHS AND DIVORCE, AND DID NOT BURN DOWN OUR FORESTS EVERY AUGUST- WE COULD BREATHE OUTSIDE!! This blog is about the schools- so let's just explore for a minute what the "EXPERTS" have done to our schools.

I usually watch a bit of news in the morning when I wake up- not such a peaceful way to start the day- but I do it. This morning I was treated to the video of the most brutal attack (outside of the movies) that I have ever seen on a child. Three African American males were kicking and punching a 13 year old white boy on a school bus (no racial motivation noted- hmmm). Apparently the 13 year old had outed them for selling marijuana at school - so this was his punishment- fortunately the boy did live. What makes kids sell marijuana in school? What makes kids so angry and vicious? How do teachers teach these angry and law averse students?

Let's start with question #1- Where do the students get the marijuana and why are they encouraged to sell it? Progressives love control- but not control of marijuana or our nations borders. The marijuana comes in from Mexico across our open southern borders for the most part. Why shouldn't kids want to sell it when they are told it should be LEGAL?!!Another point of wonder from the "EXPERTS"- smoking is bad ALL THE TIME AND EVERYWHERE- but Marijuana should be legal!!Question #2 What makes kids so angry and vicious? You can thank Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for some of this- they don't teach peace and love as Martin Luther King did- they teach anger. You can thank the liberal left relativist moral society as well. These "EXPERTS" don't like modesty- they like open sexuality and even sexualizing young children in school with sex education programs. Naturally unwed births have sky rocketed and these boys that did the beating- more than likely- don't have their mother and father in their home. This makes kids real mad. Add to that no church, no patriotism and very little morals- voila! unhappy angry kids with an entitlement attitude. Question #3- How do teachers teach these angry and law averse students? They don't. Everything's not O.K. and these types of students need to be taught away from students who are there to learn.They need to be taught in a structured setting with real rules and morals- they need to start the road to success by learning they really can achieve on their own, they are not a victim and they really are responsible for their actions. Something to believe in like their country and their heritage might help too.

Our Helena School District thinks "EXPERTS" ( Social workers from a federal grant) can fix families. They are taking away accredited counselors that are needed to determine learning difficulties and replacing them with social workers who will do home visits and "talk" to the families.These families that are in trouble will not be "fixed" by a social worker and I am quite confident that none of them have, though without proof, our superintendent is claiming they have saved all the students on the outer edges (sometimes the lying makes me breathless).

When we finally admit that "EXPERTS" from the government are not going to save us and get back to believing in ourselves and the principles of our founding we will find our way to success once again. Putting children in groups to discuss their opinions on global warming is not going to get us there. The Common Core "EXPERTS" need to go away and local schools need to go back to direct instruction and expectations from students in every category. We know this will succeed because it always has- who do you think built this wonderful country and the healthcare and technology that you enjoy today? We know the recipe for success and we know the recipe for disaster- think Detroit and America's faltering society and seventeen trillion dollar debt. If you are a liberal I hope you will finally admit the failings of your "EXPERTS" and begin to understand the success of the past.Please help us stop our countries CULTURAL IMPLOSION.

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