Sunday, 21 December 2014


THE BEST OF TIMES are when we put our best foot forward, when we believe in ourselves and feel empowered to be the best we can be. THE WORST OF TIMES are when we don't believe in ourselves, when we do not feel empowered and when we turn to excuses and victimhood instead of moving forward and solving our own problems. Which kind of person do the "progressives" encourage? Do they really want you to be able to solve your own problems and get on with your life WITHOUT THEM?? Well, if their programs weren't needed they would lose all their power and disappear. So what do you think they want - THE BEST OF TIMES OR THE WORST OF TIMES?

I would say they want victims. I would say they want millions of very poor people to come into this country illegally from Central and South America because this gives them people that want and need their services. I would say that a strong and independent America is a threat to the "progressives". If you are doing well you don't need "progressives" to change things.

Personally I want a strong, free and independent America. I want people who are self sufficient. I taught students to become strong and independent when I taught school. I taught them to work hard and climb the ladder of success. I taught them that this was possible and that they were by no means victims. This is the rugged individual ethos that "progressives" decry. Why, if it were true, they wouldn't be needed at all!! So they sneer at teaching children that they can be strong and independent and free. Anyone who does not believe all their nonsense has "blinders" on according to them.

But, lets look at the real picture. We hear continually that the earth is warming because of the emissions from our cars and the industrial world. We hear that children are starving in our communities by the thousands. We hear that there is a homeless epidemic in our schools. We hear that there are mental health epidemics everywhere. We hear that the middle class is disappearing. We hear that students must learn about sex in school. We hear that families won't parent. We hear that second hand smoke in open arenas and parks is killing people. Is any of this true? Most of us read this crap in the News Paper and shake our heads and go on to the next story. The propaganda goes on and most of us try to ignore it.

NO, the earth is not warming and nor is their any proof that earth temperature changes are caused by carbon emissions. No, children in America are not starving by the thousands because there is no food available. In fact, exccept for possibly a rare case of child neglect by sick and or drug addicted or alcohol dependent people who should not be allowed to keep their children, children are not starving. As I have said on this blog MANY TIMES- I NEVER CAME ACROSS A STARVING CHILD IN THIRTY YEARS OF TEACHING. NO ONE CAME IN PALE OR CRYING OR PASSED OUT FROM HUNGER!! The left has to propagate these myths to get you to buy in to their ethos. Families do parent, some better than others, as it always has been. There is no proof that second hand smoke kills. Mental health is real and tragic, but except for the new increase in drug dependency brought on by the "progressives" who believe marijuana should be legalized and won't control our borders to keep the drug trafficking out, and the increased breakdown in the family brought about by these same individuals who taught us "free love", mental health is about what it always has been. Actually, children can figure out how to make babies without the "progressives" training them from kindergarten. Teaching about health and how to stay safe does not require teaching about different types of sexuality. Just teach about diseases and that they can be contracted by exchanging fluids. The point is, "progressives" have to lie to try to keep their ethos going. They have to lie and manipulate the public.They have to exaggerate things and contnually keep us in the WORST OF TIMES. And by the way, have any of their solutions worked in 50 years? Has bullying stopped? Has drug abuse even dropped? Has mental health improved? You need look no farther than the Black communities or the Tribal nations to answer this question. NO, "PROGRESSIVE" PROGRAMS HAVE NOT SOLVED ANYTHNG AND THEIR ETHOS HAS MADE THINGS MUCH, MUCH WORSE.

There was a Letter to the Editor in our paper the other day about banning smoking and chewing tobacco in parks. The author rightly expressed that there is no health hazard there. But many people will want to jump up and say, yes!yes!yes! we do need laws to stop tobacco use in parks. Why is this so? Because people like to control. It is a weakness of man to need to feel empowered by controling others. The "progressives" drive a big old truck through this weakness. The whole child concept in school is driven by this. We must, we must, we must- everyone is starving, everyone is under threat, everyone needs, needs, needs. No they don't. From health fads to seatbelts - Americans need to just stop supporting the need to control others. If you want your freedom you need to buck up and feel strong, smart, and powerful just controlling yourself. We really don't need Washington D.C. bureaucrats to write curriculums for our schools (yes- telling what to teach IS A CURRICULUM!! More lies again.) We really can make decisions about our safety and health and that of our children. We really can parent and teach our children. We really can support ourselves. We really can stop listening to lies, and propaganda. We really can stop letting the "progressives" manipulate our lives and our thoughts and ideas. We really can think for ourselves and be a free and strong nation once again. We really can stop the U.N. and the Federal Government from their one world agenda and get them out of our schools and out of our lives. Let's start getting our pride from our strong country and who we are as individuals and as a nation instead of from these continual made up agendas. WE CAN BE OUR BEST SELVES AND HAVE THE BEST OF TIMES!! WE CAN QUIT LIVING IN THIS WORLD OF OUR WORST SELVES- THE WORST OF TIMES!!

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