Sunday, 8 May 2016


The new required Common Core Aligned textbooks tell the children that "States can not effectively provide redistributive services". This means that everything we did to help the poor, before the war on poverty and all the Federal Programs, was ineffective. My, My, what else is ineffective? Just talk to any liberal and they will tell you that parents can not be trusted to feed their children- that is why they need Federal programs to feed children at school and even on weekends and during the summer.

What else can't we do? Well, apparently we can't get our own healthcare and we need laws that FORCE us to use seat belts.We can't teach our children about sex either- that needs to happen at school. My, we are a bunch of bumbling idiots aren't we? Everything needs to be managed from Washington.

Our Helena School District just had their strategic planning. They had to hire a consultant to help them do that. They did it one day before the 3 new board members were even elected. You see, those board members don't mean a thing. Their job is to say AYE. Virginia Tribe, the consultant, has all the skinny from Washington. She offers up what the board must do and the board members are Delphied into compliance. They think they are making choices but the choices about what they are going to do are made in Washington.

Well, you might say," It's only the schools." Well," It's only wealth distribution." Well, "It's only our privacy." Well," It's only a seat belt." Well," It's only... Where does the voracious beast in Washington stop? At what point does our freedom become fascist tyranny?

America is a 230 year experiment with freedom. No country on earth has ever been like us. Our Constitution that is being obliterated as our children are taught in the new REQUIRED COMMON CORE ALIGNED TEXTBOOKS that our constitution is "strong because it is flexible" , "is only a framework", "inalienable rights are up for debate" and my favorite "the supreme court doesn't have to go by the text of the constitution alone, they can use common sense and what is going on at the time and precedent", was the beacon of hope and freedom for the world. The children are deliberately taught not to respect that constitution or the founders who wrote it. They are deliberately taught not to respect their country, their heritage, or even themselves. "Americans are greedy racists who use too many natural resources."

The fascists in Washington, the real greedy ones, don't care a whit about our freedom. Just keep those paychecks coming, keep that money rolling out, give us another new program to administer and grants to apply for, just keep us going.

Ted Cruz was the one man who may have stopped them and that is why he was hated and called Lucifer. No country can survive when the young are taught to hate it. No culture can survive when the children are not taught to respect it.

I don't know if the American people will ever wake up and realize what they have lost. They will surely realize it when it is too late - but then- it will be too late. As any refugee from Cuba can tell you, you don't get back your freedom when it's too late.

As I've said on this blog many times- our schools ran just fine before the superior people from Washington took over. I guess the superior ones knew their programs would not produce better academics because the FIRST  thing they did was to change the achievement tests so no one could compare results. Before they took over our children were fed and our poor had relief it they needed it. Before they took over we had a healthcare system that was the envy of the world. Foreign leaders would come to this country for their health care.

We don't need Washington D. C. for most of what they do. Our founders knew what the Federal Government should do and it is in the enumerated powers - national defense and coinage about sums it up. Give us our money back and we'll build our own roads too.

I feel like we are watching a country die- ours. The 60's came and the hippies found it oh so convenient to just do things from Washington- they felt so powerful controlling everyone. Then the executive branch,the president, found it oh so much more convenient to just bypass congress and do things by decree- they call this executive orders. And congress found it oh so much more convenient to pass omnibus bills instead of fighting over individual bills. Dictatorships are just so much easier for the elite to control all. With all this comes the corruption like Hillary Clinton and her influence peddling. Who ever heard of making 115 million dollars for giving speeches? And the 175 FBI agents that are investigating her just can't seem to get off of ground zero- they look- they see- they do nothing. Immigration laws aren't enforced but e cigarette laws are. That's how fascism works- the dictator decides which laws he will enforce.

If you are one of these liberals who is feeling so powerful- watch out- they just haven't gotten to you yet. Our constitution was not written to be flexible- it was written to protect us from just what is happening today. When you throw away the constitution you throw away the frame that holds your picture in place- that picture that is your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.God Bless America and may the "progressives" wake up before it is too late for all of us. We are getting closer every day to the end of that road to tyranny.


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