Thursday, 22 September 2016


As we know - NOT FOR PROFITS are BUSINESSES!! Yes, they are businesses. Their profit is in their salaries, benefits, and POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS THAT KEEP THEIR MONEY FLOWING! The deal is to just look for a nitch and make a Not For Profit and you have a job for yourself. Then, like any business, you have to grow. How do you grow? You advertise and you lobby for government support. Wow, if you get on the school bandwagon you can even get FREE office space and get into school union contracts so your salary and benefits are paid by the taxpayer - you can even get tenure!! You don't have to manage the children and the curriculum all day everyday and you aren't responsible for grades and outcomes - but you get the same benefits as the teachers!! In fact you are treated better. After all, you know everything, and you just have to impart this wisdom to the principal and teachers who have no choice about you being there.

The MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS GANG  likes to use September for their campaign because it is the start of school and they can get lots of attention then. Of course the Cancer awareness uses October so they can cash in on the Football season and turn all the school stadiums pink and NFL games pink too - of course this is never ending- when basketball season comes we have to turn the gyms pink and endure this then too.

NAMI (the national alliance on mental illness) has a new program YAM. They were all over the front of the newspaper yesterday - Helena is so "lucky"- as usual we are the guinea pigs (first in the  nation) to put their Suicide Prevention program into our schools. Now the president of the local NAMI was at our school board meeting promoting his new program. He testified, and this is public record, that his SUICIDE PREVENTION PROGRAM WILL NOT PREVENT SUICIDE!! So, you wonder, why do they call it "Suicide Prevention" if it doesn't prevent suicide? Well, the name sounds good. All the parents and public that don't go to school board meetings like I do, I'm sure, are firmly convinced that this program will prevent suicides!!

At the board meeting I was at it was discussed that often students who are in this desperate situation of contemplating suicide, don't show any outward signs- as was in fact the case in a suicide at our high school. So - the other students can't really be responsible for getting help for someone if they don't know. So this program is not for suicide prevention personally or as a guardian. I think if you talked to a supporter they would say it's for suicide awareness. 

So, we have to ask ourselves, what is suicide or mental health awareness?? What it is, is SUPPORT for this program. What do the Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Awareness people really want? They want to raise children who will support their programs financially and also VOTE for programs and candidates that will send the money flowing to these Not For Profits. That's what it is folks, what it always gets down to, money. The Not For Profits need money and they are using your child as a conduit to grow their businesses. I go to the legislature and I see them lining up - it's always about money ,"funding" "investment".

There's certainly enough tragedy to keep Not For Profits in business, but are they really solving any problems? Counseling for mental illness is a very dubious business- usually not that effective. Teaching children to be kind and caring for one another is paramount in raising them to be good people, but is Not For Profit propaganda the way to do it?

There is no end to Not For Profits at school these days and to say they are intrusive, not effective, and destructive of good focused curriculum is considered a heresy. Everyone is afraid to say a word. The amount of money the CEO's of these organizations make is hidden, not widely known. It is in the millions. The amount of money they funnel to the Democrat party is also kept quiet. It's a game of secrecy and propaganda as all socialist enterprises are. I say it's time to quit propagandizing our children for agendas in school. They go to school to learn to read and do math. They should learn to be a good person and have some discipline too. I think that's what their parents expect. You shouldn't have to have your child signed up for all this propaganda just because they go to a public school!!  

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