Thursday, 7 April 2011


My husband and I were looking at the National Education Department website last night and we came across some eye popping statistics. Their budget for '09 was 32 billion dollars. Their estimated budget for '10 is 56 billion dollars, and their estimated budget for '11 is 71 billion dollars! That's a steep curve of increased monies we have to borrow from China everyday.

What do they do with all that money?

Is it all being spent to help us teach math and reading better? I think not.

Maybe a lot of it is for grants to schools to shape behaviors for the 21st century. I wonder who the behavior guru is that knows how we should all behave. Since we have all this behavior shaping going on I wonder why Helena schools' drop out rate has soared from 17% to 22% at Capital High and 25% at Helena high, well above the state average which is 18%.

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