Thursday, 14 April 2011


I heard today on the radio that there is a school that is not allowing parents to send their children to school with a lunch from home. Everyone must eat a cafeteria lunch because it's healthier. I ate paper bag lunches all my life and I am a very healthy woman. Do you think this whole child concept is going a little too far when the schools begin telling parents what's good for their children as if they directed the parents?

I was at the school board meeting last night and the Early Childhood Coalition was presenting all their programs for children 0-4. Are they starting education in the womb now? Social services intervention for parents that are struggling is important-but most of us are just fine. Can government programs change families? In the 50 years since we've had many of these interventions they have not been proven to cause any lowering of drop out rates, teen pregnancies or drug abuse.

Maybe it's time to reevaluate this whole process and put parents back in the drivers seat.

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