Wednesday, 4 May 2011


So while outspending us 30 to one they did eek out a victory of about 1,000 votes about 1/8 of the total votes and no one even got 50%. So what does this mean? Do we give up?Of course not. Does anyone ever give up on family and country? Maybe there is someone but not true Americans. As one of our famous forefathers said "We have just begun to fight". Goliath beat David last night but he will not win out eventually.

It's interesting to note that to win this victory they ran as conservatives- all about character not the "Health Enhancement " curriculum  or teaching 10 year olds anal sex and 5 year olds to "recognize mental illness". So our job is to continue to educate the public.

Special interests from Planned Parenthood to Youth Connections and the unions won this election. It's about business- grants that bring jobs and benefits and schools that bring them the headcount for their businesses. Will you sacrifice your family values and the strength of character that comes from these beliefs that built this nation for their jobs ?

At Bryant school the students eat free food all day during time that they used to learn something. So they are learning something only it isn't math which you used to teach while they are now eating their breakfast and doing their exercises. They're learning a socialist mind set which will do them in as surely as the comprehensive sex teaching which will sexualize them early and throw them into moral relativity.

America will wake up but unfortunately for Helena we are in the depths of despair for now.


  1. God forbid we should teach children to recognize mental illness. They might learn compassion.

  2. Not all parents want their 5 year olds to worry about mental illness.
    Children are not just miniature adults. Many people send their
    children to school to learn to read and write and not to learn
    attitudes chosen by special interests. School should not be a place to
    use children as a captive audience to teach values even if you think
    yours are really really good. I guess that's why we don't teach
    religion in school either.