Friday, 13 May 2011


Here I am in California and people I talk to are in shock and awe about what is going on in the schools in Helena  "But how could all this be happening in such a nice little town like Helena?" You've got me- I guess we were just a nice little target. I had to ask "You mean you don't have sex clubs on your high school campuses here?" Laughter- and then" No we certainly do not!". "You don't teach barriers to anal and oral sex to your 5th graders?"" Are you people in Helena  CRAZY?!!" Well I was just asking. It appears that here they are concentrating on improving their Star test scores and are doing a bang up job of it too.

Why is our school board so crazy and why did the people that voted in  the Front Street Learning Center polls reelect them? I guess the people in the valley better start taking this seriously and get their friends and neighbors out to vote next time. Wouldn't it be nice if our new superintendent was from Montana and wasn't there to build a resume but to make our Helena schools the best?

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