Monday, 18 July 2011


Planning what? The schools.Whose going to do this planning? A firm. Why? Because the school board can't do planning on their own. Why not? They need direction according to the school board chairman. In fact, they've already sent an administrator to a workshop so she can direct them to get information ready for the firm. They will in fact be choosing between two firms. So apparently we have a new career here, belonging to a firm which directs school districts.

But I thought schools were short on cash? No not at all. Not only did they send the administrator to a workshop (undoubtedly out of state) they are hiring a facilitator for their planning sessions before they meet with the firm whom it was mentioned by a board member at the school board meeting, have gotten up to $50,000.00 in the past.

My,My, we do have tax payer money to throw around. It was asked eloquently by a board member why the HELENA SCHOOL DISTRICT couldn't just do their own planning. After all, we have facilities people who know all about our plant, financial people who know all about our finances and educators who certainly know about our curriculum. NO NO says the board chair- we need direction for global governance. I wonder if that's governance as in ONE WORLD GOVERNANCE.

The administrator who went to the workshop mentioned SOCIAL CHANGE over and over again. In fact she said we need to educate not just for the 3 R's but for the 4 C's. That would be critical thinking, collaboration , communication and creativity. I guess Helena can't teach kids to think critically, speak and write, work together and be creative without these out of state planners. I WONDER WHERE THESE FIRMS GET THEIR DIRECTION?

Our board chair mentioned they must plan for our communities priorities HMMMMM-  I guess we need people from out of state to tell us what our priorities are- I certainly haven't seen community involvement or direction in any of these meetings.

Recently liberals who plan to change our society using our schools and our children have mentioned the old LITTLE RED SCHOOL HOUSE  where all the children were together in one room. Even they admit that those children learned more. That aside- how would the people in Dodge have responded to a school board that wanted to spend tens of thousands of dollars for planning?!! I suspect they would have smelled a rat and ran them out on a rail.

How this all should work is that teachers plan, students learn and school boards administrate ( this includes deciding when to spend money for facilities improvement.) We don't need help from out of state firms to tell us what our communities values are. These people are charlatans and if the people of Helena were awake to all this I'm sure they surely would smell a rat!

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