Thursday, 28 July 2011


How many people know that the Bully program in school was lobbied for in the legislature by the Human Rights Commission, Gay Pride and other gay rights groups? The answer is anyone who paid any attention at all.

They poll tested the word bullying nationally and found it to be a word people would support. After all who wants their child to be bullied? But is this program really about bullying or is it about attitudes? I have been told recently by teachers that "bullying" has gotten worse since the inception of this program. It sounds like the bullying is reversed now. The scenario,according to the teacher, goes like this. One kid gets hit over the head by another and the kid who did the hitting becomes the victim. It seems that now the kid who gets hit is seen to have caused the other child to hit him. This is because the bullying program is about subjective feelings and attitudes.

When I was teaching some of the things that we were supposed to punish children for under the "bullying" program were "making someone feel inferior" or "not making eye contact" or "excluding someone." As far as I know in the constitution of the United States of America, american citizens have the right of association . This means they can associate with whomever they darn please. Shouldn't our school children have the same rights?

I think America is being bullied. This is not unlike the former Soviet satellite states where your opinions were determined by the government and spies would lurk around to report you if you did not have the right opinions and attitudes. I saw and experienced this, this is not second hand information. As Andy Rooney recently pointed out, disagreeing with the Gay agenda is not a phobia, it is an opinion.

Yesterday in the news it was reported that in California the governor, Jerry Brown, has just signed into law a piece of legislation requiring schools to teach Gay history, the history of homosexuals, in their public schools. The people of the great state of California are of course trying to fight this with a referendum. The question is, how far are the people of America going to let special interest groups like the Gays go in using the schools to further their agenda?

When are the American people going to see this for what it is, an affront on the civil liberties of all of us? Where does this all end? Will schools just become propaganda machines for special interests and will values, opinions and attitudes be determined by the government rather than the individual?

Maybe it will take getting the truth out. During my campaign for the school board here in Helena my opponents swore up and down, and stated publicly, that all the offensive material in the Health Enhancement Curriculum had been taken out. You can find the final draft of that document on the Helena School District web site. Among many other things you will find on page 61 that ten year olds (fifth graders) will be taught "anyone can get STI's by exchanging bodily fluids orally,vaginally, or anally". I do not see how you can teach this without the children understanding what oral, anal and vaginal sex are.

And why do they want to teach about sex to fifth graders? Because they believe attitudes are developed early and if children don't know what sex is , and what homosexual sex is, how can they teach them that it is o.k. or normal? My opponents in the school board race won running on that they were for character, clearly indicating to parents that they were for moral standards. To many teaching small children about sex may seem moral but to many others it does not. The point is, my opponents did not tell parents what their concept of character was . They did not run on page 61 of the Health Enhancement Curriculum which will be implemented this fall, in fact they lied about it.

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