Friday, 9 September 2011


I went to the Capital High football game tonight and I was struck by all the wonderful kids and their families. Mom's were taking their babies up to high five the bear and students were coming up to their parents for comfort if they were upset or for approval of their outfit if they just needed a little encouragement. Parents were taking pictures of their darlings everywhere. Many parents were there just to see their daughter dance at half time or to see their son sit on the bench. They cared and they were there.

Maybe a lot of these people don't know about the agenda being driven in their schools- or maybe they do. Either way it is these families that will ultimately reclaim America and stop the march to Socialism.

One can tell the social justice crowd has not completely taken over because they still are using cover. It was announced at the game that they have a new Montana Behavior Initiative grant.The grant is supposedly for "Responsibility, Respect, and Graduate". Who could argue with those values? But then- think a little deeper- why would you need a federal grant to teach the things we've always stood for? Is there possibly more to this grant? Probably. Are the people driving the grants careful to couch everything in terms these families will accept- you bet.

So we don't cheer for "Take that ball and fight" or "All the way in one play" or even " We are the Bruins the mighty mighty Bruins" We cheer for "Parents to stand up" . I sometimes wondered if these girls were paying any attention to the field at all- or were even taught about the game. Maybe I've just been watching this attempt to social engineer for so long that I'm too suspicious, but it sure seems like the  cheers have been changed from good old football fighting to win, to spirit building only.

In spite of all this I just loved seeing all these healthy kids and healthy families- the very people in the end that I believe will reject revolutionary socialism and renew America to its moral and constitutional roots.

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