Tuesday, 30 August 2011


I just heard today from a neighbor that on the last day of school at CR Anderson middle school here in Helena, in the sixth grade, in sex education class (other wise known as health), students were asked to yell out names they knew for the male genitalia and then to yell out names they knew for female genitalia. You get the idea, cock, cunt, pussy and so on.

Why would they do this? I'm just betting that this idea came from some workshop. Can the health department really call this activity necessary for the children's health?

Unwed pregnancies are soaring as this culture of open sexuality is forced on innocent children- apparently in school! You have to ask why they feel it is necessary to take away all modesty and inhibitions that might protect young children from such encounters.

What really amazes me is that no parents are out there raising holy hell about this! Have they become desensitized to think they just have to put up with this? It's time to get our heads on straight. If you voted for Cherche Prezneau and Aiden Myhre in the last school board election you voted for people who endorse this behavior. They voted for the curriculum and didn't even ask what classes would be shortened or replaced.

Is this what the people of Helena really want? Do they really want their children in High Schools with sex clubs and middle schools where 11 year olds have to yell out cock and cunt in class? Maybe it's time for people to quit listening to propaganda and stereotyping and pay attention to what is really happening to their children in school!

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