Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Normally this blog is about the schools and the progressive power that is destroying them but the news of the day is so terrible that today this blog will be about how the progressive power has and is destroying not only our schools but our country and everything it was ever meant to stand for.

If you are a liberal and you are reading this blog let's start with your most treasured bias, you think the rich are getting richer under capitalism and the poor are getting poorer. Well, our capitalism has been compromised, what we really have now more than anything is corporatism. And who is getting richer? Do you know that Bill Clinton was being paid $50,000 a month by MF Global(quick math $600,000 a year)  - the corporation Jon Corzine (another liberal) was compromising (taking money out of clients accounts to cover losses apparently).So- our first "black" president as he calls himself is out enriching himself by influence peddling. Our presidents used to go home after they were president. They didn't set up foundations and influence peddle to get rich. You see, they had a little thing called integrity. They served their country and went home like George Washington did. Oh, I guess that is all just so Passe' isn't it. We are all just so foolish to think that people who say they are for the poor shouldn't use the poor to make themselves rich and part of the jet set like the Obama's are doing.

Jon was hoping Bill could get the Federal Reserve to buy him out of trouble. As it turns out our elected officials have no control over the Federal Reserve. They can call in Fed Chairman Bernanke and ask him a few questions but then he goes on his merry way printing paper that represents American dollars and sending it to Europe and Japan. This is the same as printing dollars- more dollars means dollars are worth less and it will definitely mean  inflation at home. If you are a liberal and reading this you may wonder how inflation is going to help the poor and the middle class- it isn't. No one is going to be able to support their life style, or in many cases even pay for their necessities. So do you still think you're liberal friends are helping you out?

The debt and inflation that this government is now engaged in is going to crash this economy. When it crashes just remember that it was liberals that wanted every one of these programs. Liberals that grew this  government and it's budget out of control. Republicans voted for this stuff to get reelected under liberal pressure and propaganda. Reagan stopped the cold war only because he compromised with a Democrat House and Senate.

So does your vote count? Not if this influence peddling, corruption, and big government bureaucracy and control through regulations rather than laws continues. As mentioned on this blog earlier our legislature here in Montana comes in every two years and is handed budgets already made by state agencies, and as in the case of the Office Of Public Instruction, is told they must give an inflationary increase that they decide on. Seems like all the laws have already been made and the legislature must just go along or be sued. What about the peoples voice? The people need to demand that their voices be heard and that their voice counts. This country can no longer stand under business as usual. We did what the liberals wanted for the last fifty years and look where it has gotten us. HELP!!! WE'RE DROWNING!

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