Monday, 19 December 2011


I was just noticing this holiday season how everyone shares about their children (including me!). Christmas cards and Christmas parties are all about what the kids are up to. People love their children and they are so proud of them. How much propaganda does it take to convince the American people that "people just won't feed their children." That's what you're told when you bring up the obvious, that with food share and SNAP (food stamps) poor people have access to food, so why do they have to depend on the school for breakfast and lunch?

Gee, if " People just won't feed their children- I mean you do of course but those 'others' just won't do it.", how do children ever make it to kindergarten in the first place? Wouldn't they die of starvation with no food for 5 years?

You know, in my view it gets down to this, simply put, people do feed their children. They also love their children. America is built of wonderful strong families and individuals that certainly CAN take care of themselves. So why are there people in our society that want to convince us otherwise? Do they have a SELF INTEREST here? If everyone could take care of themselves they'd be out of business! If everyone could care for themselves the centralizing of power and money would be stopped! This country might do what no country has ever done before- remain free instead of allowing the power to become more and more centralized until freedom is lost. This usually takes about 200 years- we're at 235 and we're at a tipping point.

For some people it's just easier to take kids to school and let them get breakfast and lunch there. Many people fall into that trap because they don't realize the harm they are doing to their children and this country by teaching dependency rather than independence.

Our freedom depends on this independence from government programs. It depends on children learning when they are young that their parents can care for them without the government. I taught school for 30 years in Helena, 8 of them at Bryant School- I never once had a child come in crying after the weekend because they were hungry. No child ever passed out from hunger. Not all families are completely functional all the time and that's what social services are for- but these dysfunctional families are an overwhelming minority.

It takes a lot of propaganda to convince a people that they are helpless- especially Americans whose heritage is freedom and belief in themselves. If you've traveled to socialist countries, as I have, you realize what a lot of propaganda it must take to convince a people that this system is better than the American system. Socialism, Communism, Marxism, depends on centralized big government. It strangles economies, lives and freedom. As someone said once, you have only to look at their teeth and you know the difference between their system and ours.

It's up to the American people to decide they'd rather work and teach hard work and freedom to their children than to gradually give up their constitution and let the government control their families and their  lives. The people's interest is disparate- it's not cohesive like unions or other special interests. The people have to stand up against these special interests that have convinced themselves "they're doing it for the good of the people". NO- they're doing it for their own self interest and the money they are getting paid and spending comes from everyday average Joes who are trying to figure their own life out.

This Christmas season let freedom ring out. Vow to stand up for our way of life in America, for capitalism, freedom and our constitution. Turn back the propaganda that "the middle class is shrinking"-(this society has a very strong middle class- greater than any in any society at any time in history and capitalism did this for us) or, our "children are starving"(have you seen any on the street lately), or "Parents just won't feed their children."(who exactly is that and why haven't they been turned in to social services?) or, my all time favorite,"how can you look into the eyes of the homeless?"(REALLY- how many jobs has this guy lost or quit? How much alcohol or drugs has he taken? What has HE given back? Maybe he should have a hard time looking into the eyes of those of us who are disciplined, paying taxes , and working hard.)

 Nothing in life is easy but this country went through massive immigration (my grandparents were part of that- sometimes they lived on soup and bread- but they bought a home, raised a family and very proudly joined the middle class), wars, depressions, and much more before the present day liberals were on the scene. We can and should continue without their programs and yes- FEED OUR OWN CHILDREN!!!

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