Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Did you know that the schools are now responsible for determining if your children are mentally ill? Yes, and lo and behold, they're finding quite a few children that are "mentally ill"!Several "non profits" are busy doing behavior modification in our schools and determining which children they deem to be "mentally ill". "Non profits" are businesses and they seek to grow just like any business does. Just look at the hot lunch program. They started with lunch, moved to lunch and breakfast, then to snacks and barbecues, then to summer lunch programs, then to giving all kids breakfast,lunch and snacks with no income requirement. Who knows where it's going next??So are the "non profits" in the "mental health" business going to seek to grow like the free food programs? Are we going to see the number of children labeled as "mentally ill" skyrocket?!!

The principal at Rossiter School disclosed at the April 24th board meeting that they now have 46 mentally ill students as identified by the "non profit" Intermountain which is working in the school. She reported 485 students total at Rossiter, so that would mean that close to 10% of her students are identified as "mentally ill"!! She did report that she was having some trouble convincing at least some of the parents that their children were "mentally ill"!!

I taught in the public schools for 30 years, including 9 years in Special Education, and I will tell you that I did come across my share of "brats". These are kids that act up in class. They're not mentally ill. They may need some discipline or to straighten out their attitude. Mental illness is things like paranoid-schizophrenia and psychosis.  I'm not a Psychiatrist, but then again, neither are the people doing all of this diagnosing! I don't like labeling kids-not even as a brat- sometimes you get frustrated for a moment. But seriously- mentally ill? This is serious stuff. I had kids with some pretty good emotional problems, but I never had a mentally ill student. As mentioned on this blog earlier, Youth Connections, another "non profit" is surveying kids at the high schools and determined last year that 27% of the kids they surveyed had "mental health" issues.

The number of behavior programs in school has now reached critical mass, let's see, there is the Montana Behavior Initiative which  has everyone going to workshops and assemblies, putting signs up everywhere and chanting, the Bully program which tries to keep everyone in a politically correct box, Youth Connections which behavior modifies for all students in kindergarten- I'm guessing they'll want to be moving on up, growing their program for all, counseling programs during class time, for all sutdents at every grade level in the elementary, Dare programs, Resource Officer programs, Power programs which track every single thing a child does in his school career from bus behavior to attendance, mental health "surveys", health teachers coming in to teach about contraception and barriers for all kinds of bizarre sexual acts, I'm probably missing some things but you get the idea.

We were sitting at Hardees the other night and two families with young children came in. The first family had two three year olds, mom was ordering and holding one of them, Dad put one in a booth and went to fill up their drink. We looked over and the little one in the booth smiled and said hello to us! Then another mom came in with two little ones about the same age and everything was crazy. They were yelling, climbing and running everywhere. She was trying to talk to them, trying to get them to be quiet, trying to get them to sit down, etc. etc. You get the idea? When you parent right it doesn't take so much. Do you think maybe our schools are expending more now and getting a lot less? Have you seen the garbage in the parking lot at Capital High School lately? Have you heard the statistics about 25% drop out rates and 25% of the kids being on marijuana? How about premarital sex and babies born out of wedlock? With all the behavior programs things have gotten worse. So what's the answer?

Not everything that was done in the past was right or perfect but they seem to have done a much better job with students than what is happening today with gobs of money and a seemingly unlimited amount of programs put in place at the expense of classroom academic time. I think that the answer is that there is no replacement for societal rules. Rules that come from home and are not challenged by social engineers at school, but instead, are reinforced. Like the first family at Hardees, it's not that hard when society has universal rules. You don't have to have chants, assemblies and posters everywhere. The children know what the expectations are and they meet those goals. It's just the way it is. When I was in   school we had one film on drugs. It was in black and white and it showed these creeps hanging out outside the school chain link fence. The message was clear. People that take drugs are frightening losers, run away and call the police, period. There was no question about it, no relativity. No one would do it. Drug users were criminals and social outcasts. The same with sex. You could enjoy dating because premarital sex was a taboo. Girls who did it were sluts, and no one wanted to be talked about as a slut. No relativity.

Our children are not mentally ill, they are growing up in a society that has allowed politically correct social engineers with a profit motive to destroy the morals and ethics that built a strong America. We need to send these people packing and raise our own children with the enduring values of all time. Schools are for educating and that's all, once they realize that, our academic scores will improve too. Parents need to see to it that the schools are put back in their place as educators and leave the child rearing to the families! No more new roles for the schools, just educate and that's it!

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