Friday, 18 May 2012


 I was just thinking about the liberals calling themselves progressives. What does that make everyone who disagrees with them- regressive? Are you tired of the liberals deciding words and terminology? I sure am. What's progressive about someone who wants us to give up our cars and go back to the days when the buffalo roamed the plains? The free enterprise system that liberals hate so much is where all the progress comes from. From new drugs and medical treatments to new technology, our future is made in the free enterprise system. So I have to wonder what is in store for our students under the new NATIONAL CURRICULUM designed by "progressives". I doubt it's going to teach real science and the free enterprise system (and yes, they are developing Science standards). It's very concerning that David Coleman, the supposed architect of the Common Core Standards, just got himself appointed as president of the Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) board. The "progressives", with their new NATIONAL CURRICULUM, now want to control who goes to college. Apparently if a state is not on board with the NATIONAL CURRICULUM, David Coleman will try to keep their students out of colleges by making the college entrance exams specific to his NATIONAL CURRICULUM!! Add to this Obama's new Federal Control over student loans and you can see where this is all headed. Is the centralized government going to decide careers now too? Will they decide who can go to college and what courses of study are available to them? The centralized power is certainly structuring itself to be able to do just that.

A centralized government that indoctrinates students attitudes in school and then determines who will go to college based on what they want them to think sounds REPRESSIVE to me, definitely not PROGRESSIVE, as they call themselves in their little dream world. I don't have children in school anymore but it's sure frightening to me to see our schools move to SOVIET STYLE CENTRALIZED CONTROL. I'm sure our "progressive" friends would be shocked that I would think this! Just TRUST them, they only want a more rigorous curriculum! Yeah right, and I believe in the tooth fairy too.

From time immemorial free republics have turned to serfdoms as the people were pacified by government promises and propaganda. Will America be any different? Will we stand up to this massive USURPATION OF POWER? One can only hope so. Our founding father's made us unique when they gave us our wonderful CONSTITUTION. If anything will save us, this is the document that will. Today I gave out awards for the Big Sky Tea Party. They had a contest asking students to write an essay on "What the Constitution means to me". The students wrote about all these rights of freedom of religion and freedom of speech, all these rights that are under attack today by those among us who think they are smarter than the rest of us, certainly smarter than our founding fathers whom they demonize. Why do the "progressives" demonize people, including our NATIONAL HEROES? They demonize because they can't win in the arena of ideas. It's easier to say Lincoln had mental illness, George Washington really did tell a lie and he had slaves, Thomas Jefferson was an atheist and impregnated a slave,  and the conservatives are all regressive ignorant racists, than to actually stand up and defend their ideas against the genius of our founding fathers, facts, history and the character, intelligence and ideas of people who disagree with them.

Maybe that's why the centralized government is using the Delphi method in all these forums now. Have you noticed that when you try to participate in the government process lately that you might as well have just stayed home? No matter how many people stand and speak, hundreds in the case of the recent school board sex education fight, the board, be it the school board, city council or county commission,  just waits until you're finished and then votes against you ? Have you noticed that all these listening sessions just somehow come out with a consensus of the latest "progressive" agenda ? In a way it's like gambling, only the odds are worse, the house holds the cards and the house always wins. The  moderators sum up what everyone thinks and it always goes the way they planned.

The Helena School District planning meetings are all like this. First they establish what you think by having groups, comprised primarily of people they have called and preselected, answer questions made up by them. Low and behold, the whole community wants their agenda! When they listed survey results at the last planning meeting, low and behold, we all supposedly wanted a Community Resource Center as our first priority!! More than repairing our schools!! Repairing our schools was about the fifth priority!!The purpose of the Community Resource Center is to give free space for nonprofits in the community such as Youth Connections. This center will expand school way beyond the school day and beyond school responsibilities of educating our youth. These socialist hubs will provide everything from mental health services to recreation and food. Who signed up for this? Apparently you did. Do you see how the Delphi method works?

Part of the Delphi method is not to give you complete information- that's where the puzzle comes in- literally. At the planning meeting we were given schematics and then puzzle pieces to place. Supposedly we ALL wanted collaboration centers, open school concept, small group rooms, kitchen tables, outdoor spaces and on and on - you get the idea, so those were the names on the puzzle pieces to go into our school( each table had a schematic of a particular school). Where was the curriculum that went with this? How do we know what we want in a school when we don't even know the curriculum? Wouldn't you want to know what you were going to teach before you decided what spaces you needed? One of the spaces was for an art and science lab- hmmm- who will use this lab and how often? Why do we need it? What do we know about the structure of the building and the lot it is on? NOTHING. So--we're making planning decisions and we don't even know where the bearing walls are or how much space is available on the lot, what code is or what sewer or septic problem there may be. We don't even have any idea what things cost or how much money we have available to spend. Does this whole thing seem like a manipulated farce to you? They took pictures of all the completed puzzles. You see? Now they can tell us at the next meeting what we said we wanted-BUT WAIT A MINUTE ! I DIDN'T WANT THAT!!

Whether you have children or grandchildren in school or not you need to get involved, these people are eating your lunch, serving up your property taxes, and setting you up for a new socialist tomorrow. As I've said on this blog before, this fight has only just begun,and I'll add one more quote from Yogi Bera, "It ain't over until it's over.", and it AIN'T over!!

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