Saturday, 7 July 2012


From Webster's Dictionary- Chicanery: mean or unfair artifice to perplex a cause and obscure the truth;stratagem. Why would anyone use chicanery? Why would the Obama Oligarchy use Chicanery? Are they using it because they're too clever by half? Are they using it because they are in the minority and have no hope of doing the things they want to do by being honest? Are they doing it because they have no respect for our constitution, our government, our culture, our capitalist economy or our founding fathers? Maybe they are doing it, as Jonah Goldberg so eloquently explained in his book LIBERAL FACISM, because, they believe, as all fascists do, that they are so absolutely right that their ends justify their means. Law in this case, or morals, or patriotism, or righteousness, or anything at all, simply does not matter, because their cause is so absolutely right that they respect nothing except their cause and they believe they are justified in doing whatever they think they need to do. It's frightening to realize that this is how Hitler justified his lies and his murders. Where does this kind of lawless thinking end? Perhaps Obama's Oligarchy's purpose in acting the way they do, is caused by all of the above. Let's look at some of the Chicanery. No one knows all of it, certainly I don't, but I know some, particularly as it relates to the schools, and I will share what I know.

Under the Dodd Frank bill that the democrats passed, acting at the behest of the radicals that have taken their party, the FEDERAL RESERVE will have ALL FUNDING POWER OVER THE ENACTMENT OF THE LAW. Congress is not necessary. There will be no need to worry about money bills initiating in the House of Representatives as decreed by our constitution. No need to worry about the congress at all, it will all be taken care of by the obscure Federal Reserve, OUT OF THE PUBLIC EYE , OUT OF THE PUBLIC CONTROL, AND OUTSIDE OF THE CONTROL OF OUR LAWFULLY ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES AND OUR CONSTITUTION, WHICH IS THERE TO PROTECT OUR FREEDOMS. And who will put controls on what the Federal Reserve decides is under it's jurisdiction inside of this law?

This is only the beginning. I guess everyone who pays attention at all knows that the Obama Oligarchy has told the governor of Arizona that the Federal government WILL NOT obey the law as approved by the State of Arizona and THE UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT, as regards controlling immigration. Arizona will not even be allowed to share data bases to determine citizenship, as other states do, and as has been the practice. WOW. I guess the left is really scratching for those illegal votes these days, they may just need them to send them over the top on election night, if ACORN (  or whatever their new name is) can't cheat quite enough. The Obama Oligarchy WILL NOT recognize the defense of marriage act which was LAWFULLY passed by congress. The new Obama Oligarchy Health Bill gives one unelected woman, Kathleen Sibelius, staggering powers to MAKE LAW regarding what our health care will be and what we will pay. Cass Sunstein (part of the oligarchy) couldn't wait to become the regulations czar. In a huge government like we have today, he can control almost anything through his regulatory controls. The United States Attorney General Eric Holder has been voted in contempt of congress and the justice department will do nothing at all to stop his cover up, his refusal to turn documents over to the congress giving full disclosure of what he's been up to. Our Attorney General who is supposed to uphold the law of the whole United States, refuses to obey the law, and his department will not prosecute him. They won't investigate the national security leaks that have put our country at risk either.

But let's talk about the schools. The Obama Oligarchy couldn't get a national curriculum passed now that the Republicans hold the house, so they just had the School Chiefs Association and the National Governors Association sponsor it. Then they went ahead and made grants out of their huge slush funds from the "stimulus package", no need for action by congress.They even have the gall to lie about it, laughing all the way I'm sure (They certainly tricked stupid old Jeb Bush), "This isn't a federal government action, why we have nothing at all to do with it!" ha, ha, ha. They can't believe how easy it is to just circumvent the law. But where else are they getting the money to fund this CHICANERY? How about $18,000,000 from GE for David Coleman just to get started. Then, another $8,700,000 just recently to Erie Pennsylvania. Remember Jeffrey Immelt? He's the CEO of GE and the Obama Oligarchy's good buddy. The money comes from the GE FOUNDATION. GE made 14.2 BILLION  dollars in 2010 and they have laid off 19,000 people since 2000. GE stock is down 60% since 2000 but they still have money in the FOUNDATION to keep their friends in high places happy. What do they get for spending money on the National Curriculum (Common Core)? They paid NO TAXES in 2010 on 14.2 billion dollars in PROFIT. I guess that's what you call CORPORATISM.

Meanwhile the National Curriculum (Common Core) propaganda fest rolls on. Parents are up in arms with new English texts that teach children the "Social Justice" nonsense with NO OPPOSING VIEW!!WOW. This is higher level thinking skills?? The baloney coming from the smarter than the rest of us by half Obama Oligarchy is that this is "academic rigor" that will magically make ALL students college and career ready. Give me a break. A mom teaching at home could do, and does do, better than these socialists with all their cash. One of the National Curriculum (Common Core) standards is that 4th graders will do RESEARCH. I taught 4th grade for many years, and we did assign reports. This wasn't integrated research, this was a report, and it was hard to get a page or two out of them. Plagiarism was a word we had to teach over and over. One blogger had a wonderful point " Hey David, if you want these kids to do evidentiary research where's your evidence that any of this is going to work?" Ya David, you came up with all this nonsense pretty fast, where are your trials and research? This is the same old game that public schools have done from time immemorial, new programs with NO PROOF. Can you imagine your doctor acting this way, offering you a cure that no one had ever proven ACTUALLY WORKED ?!! Maybe now that the Federal Government controls your health care this will happen,just like in the public schools. Socialists don't need proof, remember they are just right because they say so. Have you seen any of the books they write as NON FICTION with NO  FOOTNOTES !! Quite amazing, but nothing seems to stun anymore, it's all so crazy.

I'm just reading about Mary Queen of Scots once again this summer. When the Northern Lords rose up in revolt against Queen Elizabeth , and the Spanish Armada, which had promised to support the Lords effort, failed to show up, the Northern Lords QUIT. They were far and away the majority but they got scared and Elizabeth held her throne. The conservatives are the majority in this country and the Obama Oligarchy in all their smartness know it. That's why they have to cheat at the voting booth, circumvent the law, and lie to you. Stand up, Say the truth, DON'T BE BACKED DOWN, get the word out, and VOTE. Let's end the CHICANERY and get our country back. This country is NOT ABOUT HANDING OUT FREE COATS, OR A FREE LUNCH, no matter how many socialist organizations call themselves, "The American Way". This country is about having the opportunity to get your own coat and feed your own family. FIGHT BACK AMERICA, DON'T LET CHICANERY WIN!

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