Wednesday, 25 July 2012


The socialists have found the believers in freedom snoozing this time. It's hard to imagine that people like Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Governor Chris Christi of New Jersey would hand over our freedoms to the radical left in such a blithe and easy way, as to endorse Common Core Standards. I'm sure the socialists, who understand that a NATIONAL CURRICULUM is as much a cornerstone of their plan to SOCIALIZE AMERICA as is their NATIONAL HEALTHCARE can't believe their luck!!

I'd like to offer some smelling salts to these governors and WAKE THEM UP!! I'd like to start with a little story told to me by a friend who visited East Germany while it was still in the hands of the Soviets. She was on a bus of tourists and the COMMUNIST WELCOMING AGENT got on board the bus to welcome them to East Germany. She extolled the virtues of communism, they had NO UNEMPLOYMENT, they had FREE DAYCARE FROM BIRTH, they had FREE HEALTH CARE- wow governors- sounds like a great place- maybe we should be like them. But, wait a minute- they also had long handled brooms with mirrors attached to the end so they could check under the bus and make sure that no one was trying to escape. You see governors, no one was fighting to get into East Germany as they fight to get into America- they were trying to escape. Communism sounds good on paper, as the idea of a national curriculum might, but in reality it is a nightmare of lost freedoms. As I said, a NATIONAL CURRICULUM  is a CORNERSTONE OF THE NEW SOCIALIST AMERICA that our friends on the left are trying to build.

Now governors, let's talk about the PROPAGANDA that is already in the standards that were written BEHIND CLOSED DOORS WITHOUT PUBLIC INPUT. Yes governors, a new study shows that 70%  of Americans don't even know what COMMON CORE STANDARDS are- Communists don't go to the public for their O.K. or their advice. Let's start by saying that one of the first lies of the Common Core writers was that they would not do Science and Social Studies because this would be too controversial- sorry governors- just a few months later they already have the Science standards written and the Social Studies standards are "mostly done". So what's in them?

The CONGRESSIONALLY CHARTERED NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL (NRC) DEVISED A FRAMEWORK TO GUIDE THE STANDARDS. It is a violation of Federal law for congress to be involved in curriculum writing- period. In language directly lifted from the NRC framework the draft science standards say "Human activities, such as the release of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels, are major factors in the current rise in the Earth's mean surface temperature ('global warming')." Man made global warming is a hotly contested scientific THEORY. There is significant skepticism in scientific ranks that the earth is warming or certainly that it is warming because of fossil fuels. This is why there are laws against CONGRESS or the FEDERAL DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION getting involved in curriculum writing or supporting the efforts thereof. HOW MANY WAYS CAN I SAY PROPAGANDA GOVERNORS.

The draft standards integrate global warming and the overplayed worries about human impacts on the planet, starting in KINDERGARTEN. No wonder there was such a push to get full day Kindergarten nationwide- so much propaganda , so little time! The early grade push will create a foundation for ideas that build on long links of suppositions: catastrophic,man made global warming; the evils of fossil fuels("explain differences between renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy" in fourth grade) and the need for the Environmental Protection Agency and other government agencies to strangle human liberties in order to "save the planet."

Fifth graders will examine Earth's temperature increases and believe they destroy penguin habitat and erode coral reefs. Middle schoolers will have to accept that "human activities have significantly altered the biosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere" and agree continuous monitoring is necessary to undergird "social policies and regulations that can reduce these impacts." They also must acknowledge the "disciplinary core idea" that "human activities, such as the release of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels, are major factors in the current rise in the Earth's mean surface temperature ( global warming)." High Schoolers will have to understand that "though the magnitudes of human impacts are greater than they have ever been, so too are human abilities to model,predict and manage current and future impacts." High schoolers will also be told that our rising global population makes "land for agriculture or drinkable water ...scarcer and more valued."So maybe kids shouldn't want to grow up and have families because the Earth is overcrowded? According to whom? This is not teaching for an informed and educated student body, this is PROPAGANDA FOR AN AGENDA! Is that what school will be now governors- agenda driven rather than best practices for good education?

The writers of Common Core say they want "open ended" questions on tests rather than those old pesky fill in the bubble tests where children simply display that they know the information. Now the testers can subjectively determine if the student is UNDERSTANDING WHAT THEY ARE BEING TOLD. This is pathetic brainwashing and it has no place in the United States of America. I am ashamed of these governors who did not take the time to think, to get informed, and to OBEY THE LAW. The Federal Department of Education did not write the standards, BUT THEY FUNDED THE TESTS!!

Students in Kindergarten are not ready to discuss opinions. They may know how late they want to stay up or what they want to eat, but parents monitor that for a reason, THEY ARE CHILDREN. Adults who know (or should know), for example, that Social Justice has many downsides such as taking away the freedom of the individual to pursue his own happiness with his own private property(loss of freedom), and what history tells us from Mao to Lenin about the savagery of government centralized control, are in a position to propagandize little ones who do not know these things and love their teacher. In the Common Core world children will not be "researching their opinion on non-fictional material" they will be discussing propagandized outcomes. You, as conservative governors, should have known what you were signing up for here. Time to WAKE UP, SOUND THE ALARM AND GET YOUR STATES OUT OF THIS!!!

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  1. The State of Texas is waking up. Thinking they had avoided Common Core, state leaders and Texans across the state realized they had embraced a socialist curriculum called CSCOPE. Superintendents of liberal leanings met, developed and sold this program to other superintendents who in turn convinced local school boards to purchase this program without knowing the full truth. Go to and see the lessons; read the articles that show how Common Core developer, Linda Darling Hammond has her fingerprints all over Texas.

    Another source for information google: