Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Career Pathways is the old "School to Work". I guess they must have poll tested Career Pathways and found it to be more palatable to the public than "school to work". In Europe students are sent on "Career Pathways" at age 14 based on how well they test. Essentially the government decides whether you're college material or not, if not you're sent on a vocational track to become a mechanic or a hairdresser or something. Actually, from what my husband and I have experienced at the post offices in Scotland ( that's where they get their welfare checks), many young ladies deemed not to be "college track material" seem to choose the single motherhood track at an early age which sends them right out of school and on to welfare!

So, the globalists want our wonderful country to model our education system after Europe and "Near East Asia" (think China). I remember when the radicals did a little "study", that they drummed up, and decided America was a "Nation At Risk". I was in college at the time studying Early Childhood Education and I was engulfed with all the propaganda about how our schools were failing, a terrible disaster, HELP!! We needed the Federal Government to create a Department of Education and save us!! So in 1979 congress established the Department of Education. Has it saved us? Hardly. It's destroyed education in America.

I went back to the high school I graduated from in California a few years ago and I was stunned. The students had chopped down the huge Oak Tree we had on our quad. They had kicked in lockers and graffitied the school. There was a nursery for students' babies on campus! I'm not alone in this experience. I've talked to others who have gone back to their high schools and found them turned into slums. So now, to clean up the mess they have made with public education, the Federal Government, which has no business in education in the first place, has decided our education system will model itself after Europe and China !!

I don't know about you but I am thoroughly sick of talking about the Federal Government. I took some classes at Hillsdale College in Michigan a few years ago (every minute was stunningly brilliant), they told us that when you are talking about the government all the time it's TOO BIG!! Yes indeed, IT'S TOO BIG. They talked about the government in Romania all the time, HOW TO ESCAPE FROM THEIR COUNTRY!! We're still free to leave, but where would we go? When freedom is gone in America there will be no freedom. But back to euro/chinese American schools. The Savannah Morning Post reports that students entering high school must "Select a Career Pathway". In other words, at age 15 they must choose what they will do for the rest of their lives!! What if they choose vocational and then decide on college later? Will they have taken the courses necessary to gain college admittance? I think not. In Georgia the kids can choose everything from sports medicine to administration/
information support (secretary), but should children in high school be wasting their time taking career courses? What if they take administration/ information support and then decide after graduation that they really wanted to do sports medicine? This is crazy. Ann Romney was just on the television and , at least from what the commentator reported, she doesn't get it. She wants to make equine therapy available to everybody. Is she paying for this herself or does she think she can use her husbands presidency to make all of us pay for this? Where is Equine therapy in the constitution? Why doesn't the Federal Government just BUTT OUT!! Everything can sound good, but get this, the Federal Government is SIXTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT AND BORROWING FORTY CENTS OF EVERY DOLLAR THEY SPEND!! STOP!! Perhaps Ann will just get PRIVATE CHARITY to support equine therapy- one can only hope.

The American public has become so used to the Federal Government doing everything that presidential candidates seem to think they need an education plan. This is ridiculous. They need to GET OUT!! If you want to improve education in America get the Federal Government and the Globalists out!! Free markets will work with schools the same way they work with economies. Let the schools compete and the parents will choose the best schools for their children. Give the power back to the parents- they are not all incompetent neglectful fools. Parents are competent and they love their children. In a free country the power is given to the people.

Under Common Core, as under Goals 2000, the proponents claim they are making a "paradigm shift". Yes, once again these "experts" from the federal government have a corner on the what the future will be and are corralling all of us fools into a paradigm shift to create amazing things in our schools!!All they have to do is give our teachers some workshops and suddenly these teachers will be in the new world of the paradigm shift. This is more than highly unlikely. Teachers need to be prepared well in college. Colleges will provide good programs when schools demand it. We do need to improve rigor in school and you can start by getting rid of all the programs and letting the teachers teach. Get rid of the "whole child" concept, the parents will take care of that. Schools need to teach,not to cook, babysit, health care and mental health care, community service , clothe and collect school supplies. Send all these interlopers home and leave the teacher, the students, and the curriculum ( basic academics), to get the job done. Give the parents the choice to leave schools that don't work and the schools the choice to discipline students and send students home that won't cooperate with school rules. School research science should be a continuous effort in colleges and private curriculum companies as it is in the private economy. How many times can I say,THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CAN NOT RUN SCHOOLS ANY BETTER THAN THEY CAN RUN ECONOMIES. FREEDOM WORKS!!

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