Wednesday, 8 August 2012


I've just been doing some of my summer reading- yes, whiling away my time reading the MONTANA COMMON CORE STANDARDS. I do get so tired of being lied to. Do they really think we're all that stupid? Maybe they just hope enough of us are so they can keep getting by with this. As I listened to Michael Chapman, an education research specialist at the Heritage Foundation, explaining about how education reform has always been about Agenda 21, preparing children to be "citizens of the global village", I frankly knew he was right. I've known this for a long time, and the more I research the more I find out that my gut instinct was correct.

It can make you feel a bit overwhelmed ( well O.K.- VERY overwhelmed) to learn about George Soros's Out Society and the Tides Foundation and the Apollo Institute all supporting "People for the American Way" (Isn't that name a misnomer- since when has America been about Socialism?)and billionaires like Bill Gates buying out the AFT ($1,000,000) the P.T.A.($3,000,000) and the "conservative" think tank, the Fordham Institute ($3,000,000) to support Common Core (the national curriculum), but here's the thing- it's like the CAT and the MOUSE. The CAT (the globalists that lie to you and are on a mission to control your country) has been planning and working for a long time. He has plans for the MOUSE (that's every American who wants to stay FREE), he has strategies and he must be very, very, quiet and very,very patient. Since this CAT can talk he has to lie and manipulate to get where he wants to go without the MOUSE knowing about it! But WAIT A MINUTE- all the MOUSE has to do is look up! When he sees the CAT he can run away and be FREE!! The MOUSE has to get educated and get involved and Vote. The MOUSE is the majority and can stop all of this. Until he's caught,the MOUSE can still survive.

The CAT is very, very clever. He gets conservatives to go along with him. Let's look at Common Core. Common Core advocates are saying that this curriculum is aligned with E.D. Hirsch. Conservatives love the E.D. Hirsch curriculum. I've never taught E.D. Hirsch but SERIOUSLY-has E.D. Hirsch EVER had children researching to back up their opinions in Kindergarten and on up? I'm just betting that E.D. Hirsch thinks children SHOULD KNOW SOMETHING before they are encouraged to research their OPINIONS! With the new Common Core Curriculum children won't need their parents for advice or guidance- they know how to look everything up and they have their own opinions!! REALLY- children are not cognitively prepared to know all these things- they listen to ADULTS and model their opinions on ADULTS- it's just a question of which adults isn't it? The new Common Core Standards have children researching and answering "open ended" questions starting from day 1. I remember when I went to college and all the Socialist profs were peddling their clap trap- I was 18-22 years old and I bought it!! I didn't know better at the time. It has taken years of education, research and thought to understand what this is all about. Research is worthless without some underlying information- like understanding HISTORY and being able to READ!!

Common Core can all sound so de rigueur , so nouveau posh, so 21st century- but in point of fact it's a bunch of hogwash! Ninety-nine percent of what you learn is fact- especially when you are a child. There are exactly 50 states in the United States of America, Our Northern border is Canada, the Pacific ocean is on our West coast and the Atlantic Ocean is on our east coast. Two plus two is four and always will be, you spell people p-e-o-p-l-e. So, those fill in the bubble tests are not so bad- do you know what you need to know or not? You can extrapolate on your opinions as you get older and actually know enough to have some understandings. Of course, the example they give for Kindergarteners is telling about their favorite book- not offensive is it? How COULD you claim there was any devious intent here? Well there is devious intent- the MOUSE is no longer OBLIVIOUS AND SOLD OUT by the CAT. School is not about children developing OPINIONS. It's about them respecting adults who know more than they do, and accepting their help in building the foundational knowledge they will need to be an educated person.

More of the Montana Common Core lies are that this is a "states" initiative. Give me a break- this is really tired Denise(State Superintendent)- we know who funded grants to school districts who would join Common Core (Obama) and who gave waivers from No Child Left Behind based on joining Common Core (Obama) and that Arne Duncan our Federal Department of Education Secretary has been out all over the place supporting and trumpeting Common Core. We know that a National Curriculum has been a dream of the Socialist Left for a hundred years and that the TESTS for Common Core were funded by the CRC( Congressional Research Council). Since when is the States Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers  responsible for "charging" what the states want Denise? Did you forget something here? STATES ARE GOVERNED BY THEIR LEGISLATURES NOT ASSOCIATIONS AND COUNCILS!!! Let's at least just drop the facade - WE KNOW DENISE. We also know that you WILL be telling teacher's what to teach and how to teach, though you protest that Common Core will not do this.IN THE FIRST PLACE, IF COMMON CORE IS COMMON, AND STUDENTS WILL BE LEARNING THE SAME THINGS AT THE SAME TIME EVERYWHERE, OBVIOUSLY---- YOU WILL BE TELLING THE TEACHERS WHAT TO TEACH!!! Not to belabor the point- school districts across the nation are workshopping the teachers to death with their "new" teaching strategies and you will be doing it too Denise- unless our legislature looks up, sees the CAT, and defunds this nonsense. Teachers will be evaluated by committees that tell teachers how to teach, and may possibly be evaluated based on how their students do on all this online testing (some states are planning to do this).

The MOUSE has seen the CAT. Get going MOUSE!!!

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