Thursday, 24 January 2013


INSIGHT was a magazine I subscribed to many years ago before 9/11. Every week they would tell me- replete with PICTURES- about the terrorists training to fly airplanes. They would report on al Qaeda training camps right here on U.S.soil. Why wasn't anything done about this? If INSIGHT magazine knew about this- certainly the C.I.A. would have known. INSIGHT magazine warned of imminent attacks in the U.S.- but no one paid any attention and eventually the magazine went out of business.No one listens. The country is in MORE THAN SIXTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS OF DEBT AND IS BORROWING FORTY CENTS OF EVERY DOLLAR THEY SPEND- get it- WE HAVE TO STOP SPENDING!! No one in the government listens.Obama was reelected and refused to even acknowledge the problem in his inaugural address.The red lights and the sirens are screaming all around me and the liberal left just goes on as if nothing is happening. The same thing happens at school board meetings. I feel this ALERT!! ALERT!! American public schools are being torn apart and will be destroyed!! Red light!! Hold up!! But no one listens.

One board member CRIED ( I needed emergency medical help- I was getting sick- but I hung in there - sometimes these meetings are almost TOO MUCH!!). She cried over the children singing the Obama inauguration song "Build me a world where there's hope for children- to grow with no poverty, no hatred or war. - We'll share all our promises the rich and the poor." WHAT UNIVERSE IS THIS LADY LIVING IN - HER POLITICS ARE DESTROYING THE ECONOMY AND OUR GOVERNMENTS FISCAL RESOURCES- WHEN THIS BLOWS UP POVERTY WILL BE EVERYWHERE!!! Poverty is alleviated when people have jobs such as our once vibrant economy in our once strong country provided.Children have a future when they are safe and businesses will invest because they are in a secure country that will not steal their resources.Children have hope when they have at least DECENT schools. The new Common Core is a HUGE DISASTER THAT WILL FAIL. But worse than that- the structure and traditions that WAS those schools is being dismantled.

It's hard to take this on in one blog, but let's just say this, John Kerry helping the poor in other countries (supposedly- kind of like how they helped Detroit- people are poor because of dictatorships and leftists that destroy economies and lives- think of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela),is not what is going to make America strong and safe in the world. Period.But back to the schools.One lady with some coherence described what children MUST BE ABLE TO DO to succeed in school. She listed- focus-follow directions- stay on task-raise hand to speak - physically stay with the group- share attention- and "accept guidance"- I think that means respecting authority- but among these people respect is a big deal all day long, they even sing about it- but they would never dare say RESPECT AUTHORITY!!You see in their relativist world we're all the same- just like America is no better than any other country. See how that works? It doesn't work so good for kids.But back to the skills- let's compare the skills CHILDREN MUST HAVE to the learning environments Common Core is setting up.

Common Core wants COLLABORATION- remember focus and stay on task- how do little children focus in this adult environment- most adults would start having a gab fest left to their own resources.Common Core wants OPEN CONCEPT LEARNING- this means all the kids in one big room-adults can't focus in this carnival type environment.Does the crier think she's giving children a CHANCE much less HOPE of focussing in this crazy environment. Remember follow directions and "accept guidance"- in project learning the instructions are given once and the children are on their own to remember. Many adults would have trouble remembering directions over time like this - and what guidance when the children are supposedly teaching each other?? The worst is the old hippie "open ended questions". If you have very little knowledge and very little guidance and directions- how do you come up with answers to open ended questions?? In the best scenario with very on task children the teacher can guide open ended type DISCUSSIONS- but why put children in such defeating situations? On top of all this they test pre and post. What could be more unfair and frustrating for a child than to test him on something he hasn't been taught yet?

The new Common Core math is all about "higher level" thinking skills- putting off actual skill teaching as children try to understand concepts in ADULT comprehension capacities. But even worse than this- the amount of time children have to learn is being eroded daily with "school business partnerships", "breakfast and snacks", "running", "the MBI program (teach peace)" the "buddy program", "community service" and so on and on it goes- the disaster drills themselves take large portions of learning time with lock downs and national disaster- along with the traditional fire and earthquake several times a year- and of course DARE at every grade level, and animal rights and recycling assemblies and the artist in residency and children leaving for special programs like Big Sisters, Big Brothers- I've just scratched the surface here. And then constant testing for Aims Web or Success and so on- the teacher tries to test while the other kids are on their own.This is nuts- and it's certainly not the hope for tomorrow. ALERT!! ALERT!! THIS IS INSIGHT CALLING- IS ANYONE LISTENING?!!


  1. I wanted to cry on hearing the Obama song too . . .

    Watching the developments in this nation over the last several years gives me a glimmer of understanding about how the Jews peacefully walked to their slaughter by Hitler. Don't question. Be thankful. Don't make waves. Assemble in large groups and don't stand out.

    These are scary times.

    1. Yes indeed. The American people just reelected a president who is taking away their freedom in fistfuls and no one cares. He's just waltzing in with a NATIONAL CURRICULUM- central planning that leaves all decision making to Washington bureaucrats and leaves no room for teachers, school districts, or parents to change anything- and republicans in legislatures across the nation are supporting it and voting money for it. Why vote for republicans when they support the same things as democrats?