Wednesday, 30 January 2013


What is the Democrat Creed? The Democrat Creed is that they are for "change" and that the Republicans are rich people that are narrow minded and racist, reactionary to change. Have you ever been around when the conservatives try to get change and the "tolerant" left goes nuts? Let's see- how about no more abortions- let's change Roe Vs. Wade - OH NO!! We can't have THAT change. How about changing school board elections to primary day so everyone can vote and we will have decently secure elections? OH NO!! We would have to let the military vote in school elections then and you know- what a pain- we'd have to send out ballots early. But I thought you were for change? How about getting rid of the DARE program because it's been around for forty years or more and IT DOESN'T WORK!! OH NO!!Why not? Well it's a federal government program and WE CAN NEVER GET RID OF ONE OF THOSE!!! Hmmm- I thought you were the party of change? Maybe you're just the party of counter culture that hasn't had a new idea for SIXTY YEARS!!

If you've been around education as long as I have you really see what frauds and screw ups these people are. They are
reaching their golden ring here in many ways- they finally have control of schools and healthcare in their grasp- they may even get community hubs instead of schools and get kids from birth until they are out in the work world (20 years of age!!).WOW!! But does Bill Ayers have any new ideas? NO. He has some new players like Jeb Bush but what he wants is still the same-"collaboration" ( how many times do you have to do the same thing that doesn't work- isn't that the definition of insanity?) We all remember free schools- the open concept run around and do what you want type thing. OH YES- and no one would want to forget that they want NO GRADES, NO COMPETITION ( GET RID OF FOOTBALL- WHAT A RUGGED INDIVIDUAL GAME THAT IS!!). Have you all seen those bumper stickers that say challenge authority? Yes, that's these folks - no change at all- sixty years later and kids are supposed to "accept guidance"!! These counter culture types would NEVER want children to respect AUTHORITY.Children are led to believe they should respect everyone and everyone should respect them- but NO ONE needs to respect the TEACHER - just accept guidance!!!

So the left creates the problems and then they create the programs to "fix" their problems. Kind of like the new wolf hunts we have to pay for- we didn't have to hunt wolves before all the leftist meddling that introduced wolves to places they had never been before.In the early nineties they took away our Iowa Basics tests which were national and went to standards based criterion referenced tests which were only compared on a state level. Now we MUST have Common Core because we NEED a National test. What?? You took away our national tests with your stupid standards based curriculums under the Clinton's Goals 2000. Well- I guess what we were already doing was right BUT YOU DIDN'T CONTROL IT SO IT WAS BAD!!! Power and Money- that's what it always gets down to.

The Dare program has INCREASED drug usage across the nation- now we need billions of dollars and multiple programs to supposedly clean up that mess. In Helena we are adding "success counselors" ( these are drug counselors)- 3 of them for $140,000.00.The women's movement told us that mom's HAD to work- well that leaves the schools to do daycare and you can pay for it.You can pay for their breakfast and lunch too- so much to do - so little time.

If you don't get IMPRIMIS from Hillsdale college- go on line and get it for free. They'll send it to you or you can read it on line- but it is so worthwhile- here's an education quote from one of their articles that I think is superb.

In a sense, historical understanding- knowledge of what happened before you were born- is primary to all
realms of knowledge.Science is the study of great discoveries of the past in our knowledge of the natural
world. Literature is the study of of the great writings of the past cultures that embody human experience
in the form of story and poem. Mathematics is the study of how great minds of the past have ordered for us
the use of abstract numbers and symbols in relation to the physical world. The arts are the studies of the
varied and diverse cultural creations of the past. Historical understanding in all these areas humanizes,
matures and uplifts the soul.

Now think about the Democrat Creed and what they are doing to our schools.Children are not even supposed to respect the authority of their teachers and that they know what is best because they have more experience and knowledge.Instead of literature, English classes will be teaching 70% nonfiction- suggested readings including global warming and national healthcare articles. Children of all ages will answer "open ended" questions as if their ideas are just as important as anything Copernicus, or Shakespeare or Aristotle or Einstein had to say. Just think of the world that is being created in your schools by these smarter than all, counter culture advocates of the DEMOCRAT CREED.

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  1. Barbara, you are so right. To the left, "change" means DO WHAT WE WANT. "Compromise", "work across the aisle", and "meet in the middle" means DO WHAT WE WANT.

    Yours is the first mention I have heard that the Iowa Basics were scrubbed, only to be replaced by Common Core.

    Another brilliant and spot-on analysis by the Education Lady.