Friday, 15 November 2013


The LIFE'S BLOOD  of every wannabe dictator, bureaucrat and autocrat is the MONEY!! Our Helena School District just got their levy passed (second try- the mighty titans don't have to take no for an answer - that's democracy I guess- the titans get to keep going back again until they get what they want) anyway, the mighty titans got their LIFE'S BLOOD and they are so happy- now they can ask the public for the ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR BOND to build their -as a board member said- co--- I mean schools- she wanted to say community centers so badly!!

I think any honest person was raised to understand that your ends do not justify your means. This is not the case with liberal bureaucrats. They want what they want and they get it any way they can, which usually involves lying. You see, they think they are so RIGHT and so much smarter than you, that they have the RIGHT to mislead, coverup and lie to you ( like all good FASCISTS). The mill levy propaganda would have been hysterically funny if it wasn't just so tragic. Apparently, Amy Yerko was brought to Helena Montana from Chicago, to help them plan their maintenance!! The $250,000.00 spent out of the last levy to hire an architectural firm to hold town meetings (no architecture) where Amy Yerko was drug in , were  just hired to "help plan maintenance!!". Well the people bought it, at least the Liberals did. We'll see if the Liberals will swallow the ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS. Kent Kultgen, the superintendent, sure hopes they do- his job depends on it. You see, non-profits need free space and head count to keep meeting their bottom line. With sequester it becomes even more important for the schools to anti up. The bond will let them build the community centers with the office space and rooms for all the non profits to just move in and hopefully become a part of the school tax base!!

Our superintendent has taken it upon himself to rename our schools- we now have Helena High Title and Bryant Elementary Title etc. Title stands for a federal program called Title one. You see, if you are a "Title" school you get to apply for all the federal grants that are the LIFE'S BLOOD of all the socialist non profits. I mean gee whiz- jobs need to be paid for and everybody needs raises don't they? Why should they care about the taxpayer? Why should they care about the parents of these "poor" students being able to pay their bills? I'm sure there's another welfare program to help them pay their property taxes!! "The Federal Government can print money, just let them pay for it" - I have actually heard this said by liberals and have even seen it printed- wow, what lack of understanding about our economy and the consequences to any economy when governments print money.

Title schools give free food and programs to EVERYBODY irregardless of their parents income!!Wow- they deserve it right- and anyway the food service and non profits are making their LIFE'S BLOOD so who cares what kind of values they are teaching the children. Everybody get in and grab what you can!! What America stands for? Who cares about that - let's just change it to America stands for everybody having the RIGHT to get theirs.

Does it even occur to this superintendent to think of what he is doing to the students and the pride they have for their school by naming them Helena High Title? Does it even occur to him that classifying and naming schools by their income levels may make students feel bad about the school they go to ? I guess in the sick world he comes from adding up those "Title" schools must make him real proud- but it doesn't make the kids proud.

Title schools get their lauded position simply by having 40% of their students on free or reduced lunch. The schools can pick any day in the month- so the secretary better jump on any day they are so lucky to reach the 40%! Don't miss it!! We love to have poverty schools!! And we are so proud of it too!! And how does the secretary know that the family really makes the income they report on the free and reduced lunch form? She doesn't. She only has to check a few forms at random and call the employer. Most of it is just the honor system. Would anyone lie to get free stuff? You be the judge.

To conclude this voyage into the socialist wonderland I will just tell you that the state superintendent Denise Juneau, as reported by the school superintendent at the board meeting, came to him and said "You are underreporting the number of homeless. Districts your size should have more homeless!". Well, he got busy on that one and got the number up from 40 to 120!! What a good superintendent, he's so good at helping all the bureaucrats and suck-offs get their LIFE'S BLOOD. You see, the state office of public instruction has a department for the homeless- and well- how can they get their LIFE'S BLOOD (grant money) if they don't have the head count!! America- wake up and call off these dogs.

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  1. Terrifying report, Barbara, as was the last one. When you know the facts and the local media refuses to allow you to disseminate them, it is a dark day in Helena, in Montana, in the USA. I hope you find the strength to keep up the fight.