Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Have you noticed THE SPIN coming out of the White House about Obama care? I love the new one- health subsidies are now your "opportunity". Yes, the land of the free and the brave, the land of opportunity where my grandparents came to from Europe to build their life based on freedom and the opportunity to work and raise their class status and life, now bases its opportunity on GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES!! THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY IS NOW THE OPPORTUNITY TO PICK SOMEONE ELSES POCKET, not to achieve FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY!!

Socialists are terrible at governing because for the large part they have no real life experience outside of government, NO COMMON SENSE, NO UNDERSTANDING OF HUMAN NATURE, and their ideas are TERRIBLE FAILURES, but they are very good at THE SPIN. Do you want to know why they are so good at THE SPIN? They are so good at THE SPIN - BECAUSE NO ONE WOULD VOTE FOR THEM IF THEY TOLD THE TRUTH!!

Ever since Marx rolled out his ideas his followers have had to SPIN, to misrepresent and to lie, to get what they wanted. No matter how many times Marxism fails there are people who will just not give up on the idea that government can control lives and fortunes and create a panacea. There is just never an end to people who think they are so much better and so much smarter than YOU that they must social engineer you and your children, and take your money, so that THEY can create the perfect world. This is their idea of freedom.

I'm involved in schools because that is where the HEART OF THE SOCIALIST MOVEMENT IS PLAYING OUT. If you go to the Federal Department of Education website- www.ed.gov/pubs/edpubs.html. you will find an archived document, written in 1998 titled- "Schools
As Centers of Community". If you read this document you find the socialist dream of HEALTH CENTERS in the school that will service the WHOLE COMMUNITY among many other "services" that will connect and socialize us all . Guess who gets to pay for all this? Think real hard- yes- it's you!!
Guess who gets to decide what we all "must know" and "must do" and "must have"- well- that isn't you. Just drop your kids off - our socialist friends and bureaucrats from Washington will take care of all
of THAT. What are you complaining about? They'll probably be so kind as to LET you come to a consensus group and help pick a version of WHAT THEY WANT.

Did you know that our schools are "national school facilities" sic . Yes, our schools belong to the Federal Government- our schools are to be planned and evaluated and looked after by the Feds!! Hmm- I thought public schools were a STATES prerogative. Whoever handed our schools over to the Feds? If states want new school buildings they will build them- the bureaucrats in Washington just don't need to worry their ugly little heads about it. But alas- they have a 59 page document detailing exactly how schools should be built and the process that every school district must go through.

The Helena school district is on step 7. Such an opportunity for socialist renewal !! According to Richard Riley (Secretary of Education under Clinton ) our "national schools" are in need of repair and this is such an opportunity to rebuild them in the socialist image (he calls it "21st century schools"). Might I mention that THE SCHOOLS ARE IN BAD REPAIR BECAUSE THEIR PUPPET MASTERS IN WASHINGTON HAVE PUT OUT SO MANY GRANTS THAT HAVE ADDED COSTS AND PROGRAMS AND THEN WENT AWAY, THAT THE GENERAL FUNDS CAN'T MAINTAIN THE SCHOOLS ANYMORE? Oh yes, the socialists create the crisis and then they have the solution!! My, my, - small schools where kids aren't in "isolated" classrooms where they have to listen. Oh no- now they will run around and talk to their friends!! They will be "doing" rather than receiving and "creating" rather than recreating!! Oh yes, they know so much that they will be doing medical research I suppose instead of recreating those old science experiments that teach them things - like the old dissecting a frog. No quiet focused environments where you accumulate KNOWLEDGE- oh no-they will learn by discussing their opinions on global warming (their teacher's opinion really), with their friends.

The socialists vision of the 21st century is that , as Hillary Clinton so eloquently put it, "We are all in this together". So, the children in school will grow up in this perverted zoo like environment, all depending on one another and looking to the government for their opinions and their lunch. They will learn very little except how to be dependent and vote for Democrats. This is a tragic and sick situation and America better learn to KILL THE SPIN before it is too late.

As usual our Helena community is sitting down for THE SPIN from the socialists. Yes, our school district is just planning maintenance - ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS WORTH!!

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