Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Did you know that not using our schools to propagandize our students against the Constitution Of The United States is DOWN RIGHT DANGEROUS!! Yes indeed!! In our new Common Core Language Arts Document that was passed UNANIMOUSLY by our school board here in Helena, in the Reading Informational Text band, ENGLISH TEACHERS, will be guiding their high school ENGLISH students to "delineate and EVALUATE the reasoning in seminal U.S. texts.." they will "Analyze .. U.S. documents -including the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, THE PREAMBLE TO THE CONSTITUTION, THE BILL OF RIGHTS... for their themes, purposes and RHETORICAL FEATURES". Meanwhile under these same learner targets, they will also be determining the credibility of an author and recognizing when an author introduces irrelevant evidences, false statements, and or fallacious reasoning. They will also "determine how the time period and point of view of an author affects his/ her perspective on a theme or concept". You don't think these ultra leftists are suggesting to our youngsters that our founding documents are old fashioned and need to be updated do you? Do you think they would do such a dastardly thing? I do. In fact I think that is their whole purpose in creating these standards. They are hoping that within a generation they can have a population of Americans that will be calling to replace our Constitution. I have never witnessed nor heard of such treachery in this country before. And just think, even after I read the document for them, that they did not read, our school board VOTED UNANIMOUSLY FOR TREACHERY!!!

I was told by one Don Pogreba (this is the high school english teacher with the blog who has people sending in rights to be added to our Constitution), that it was DOWN RIGHT DANGEROUS TO SUGGEST THAT SIXTEEN AND SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD STUDENTS SHOULDN'T TEAR APART AND CRITICIZE OUR NATIONAL DOCUMENTS!!! Yes indeed, why should our children learn loyalty and respect for the documents that built this nation? Seventeen year olds have the experience and background and knowledge to question the writings of our founders don't they? Their knowledge is the same as Thomas Jefferson who knew Greek and Latin and studied the classics in their original form isn't it? They know enough world history and law to hold court on our founders don't they? I question whether even the teacher, who is not a History teacher, and is not accredited by the state to teach our national documents, has the authority to tear these documents apart.

The Common Core starts propagandizing children in Kindergarten- making them believe that their opinions are as good as anyone else's ,even the teacher! In FIRST GRADE they will be telling what evidence the author presents to support the points in a text. Before they can even read they will be expressing their opinions and comparing full texts. Naturally by the time they are a teenager they will feel that all of their opinions have value and they know more than any author. The truth is this - OPINIONS OF CHILDREN WHO DO NOT HAVE KNOWLEDGE ARE NOT VALID- a five year old may have an opinion on what time he wants to go to bed- but bedtime is determined by his parents because they are OLDER, they are MORE MATURE, they HAVE MORE EXPERIENCE and they HAVE MORE KNOWLEDGE. These informational learner targets are not age appropriate for six year old children, but the people who wrote Common Core are intent on fashioning little individuals that will tear down our national documents and think it is THEIR IDEA.

Children can be used, and they are being used in the Common Core. The Common Core advocates pretend that "Gee, all we are doing is developing critical thinking skills-- gee whiz" yeah right . As Joe Wurzelbacker said, "Liberal Democrats wouldn't know a 'higher education standard' if it hit them in the face."Besides, don't you have to wonder why students have to do their critical thinking on our constitution? Couldn't they use some other material to practice on? Common Core advocates say teachers can pick their own materials to teach- why can't they pick their own critical thinking material when it comes to the constitution? Why is the constitution specifically named in the learner targets?

I could have named this blog TYRANNY AND BLASPHEMY because when the paper came out today the Language Arts Curriculum was praised and only the advocates got their testimony in the paper. I might as well have saved my energy and time- my testimony was completely ignored. Sometimes you feel like you're a freight train fighting an incoming ocean tide- but I don't get discouraged as they would love for all of us to do- I fight on because I know that freight train will find higher ground eventually- after all - the Communists started in back rooms and basements and look where they are now-- in the White House!!

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