Saturday, 4 January 2014


The conservatives are trying so hard to say something and they just aren't being heard- THEY ARE SCREAMING IN THE WIND. The so called "progressives" trot out their same garbage over and over and call it new. No one pays attention to the fact that their ideas are failures and have been failures for fifty years. No one listens to the fact that liberal ideas have DESTROYED public morals, public schools, government respect and integrity, and the public debt. The "progressives" ask the conservatives what their ideas are but when they answer the "progressives" are deaf and blind-they just won't hear them- the conservatives are SCREAMING IN THE WIND that our colleges are broken, our government institutions are broken. The conservatives are SCREAMING IN THE WIND that THERE ARE BETTER IDEAS, IDEAS THAT WORK AND HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO WORK. Conservatives are SCREAMING IN THE WIND as they try to get the press to recognize the failures of the liberal establishment, failures of liberal programs, lies and corruption. The press doesn't care, won't do investigative reporting, and is happy to be the shill for every liberal that knocks on their  door. The newspapers that are going broke may want to think of this- MAYBE PEOPLE DON'T BUY THEIR PAPERS BECAUSE THERE IS NO NEWS THERE- EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS WHAT THEY WILL SAY AND WHAT THEIR PROPAGANDA WILL BE.

It is astonishing that people have reported corruption in government agencies- like the census bureau workers being forced to misreport labor statistics so that Obama could get elected- and the press just lets it go- lets it die- won't investigate. The press is complicit in letting this country die - letting corruption thrive and kill. Complicit in destroying freedom.

Good schools? Good schools are not hard to create- although the liberals make it harder and harder to educate youngsters who have no respect, no morals,no self discipline and an entitlement attitude. If liberals really wanted to educate instead of social engineer for the new socialist world order, they could educate- it's not rocket science. You see, time spent doing community service and learning about sex and doing art with the artist in resident, and exercising in class, and group projects, and snacks, and the bully program and the drug program and the endangered species program and all the other programs that have children not studying academics, is time spent not learning the foundation of information they need to become educated. It's really that simple. We all know what works. The KIPP Academies are the most successful in the nation - even according to Christopher Lohse of the Chief State School Officers Association. Direct instruction works- gee what a novelty.

Conservatives try to say- we built a successful nation- why are you dismissing everything that works?- But they are SCREAMING IN THE WIND- the liberals close their eyes and cover their ears- nothing was said!! Conservatives try to point out that colleges are failing us- our teachers are not trained well- not well educated- not experts in their field- but the liberals hum a tune -" I can't hear you!!" The conservatives are SCREAMING IN THE WIND! The liberals come back with MORE of the same old free school failed ideas and call them new- the conservatives say " Where is your research, your data?"- the liberals hum a tune " I can't hear you!".  A Montessori teacher who raised both of her boys through the Montessori program was asked by a school board member if she would do it again- she wouldn't answer. We've had PUBLIC Montessori in Helena for 20 years and there is no data to prove that it has accomplished anything good - and yet it goes on and teachers in regular classes are pressured to do the Montessori mess.

The schools that sent us to the moon and built this nation are called "factory" schools. Children were trained to succeed in the workforce and that was "bad" according to liberals. And yet, the liberals call their new Common Core program "college and career ready". They want to bring the workforce into the classroom with their "School to Work" programs. School to Work programs take children from the task at hand- learning to read and write and do math so that they can SUCCEED in the world. Even more importantly, children need to learn to be "rugged individuals"- that's the work ethic that gets you out of bed in the morning and won't let you give up when the going gets tough. The ethic that creates motivation and hard work and self respect. You Teach that ethic by having children be RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN WORK. You teach that ethic by showing children that their parents have it when they make their breakfast and their lunch for them. You teach that ethic by showing children that hard work is REWARDED and they do not go to school to be entertained.

Nothing was ever perfect in "factory" schools but they built a great nation. Good schools today will focus on what worked and incrementally improve what didn't. New technologies certainly can have good use (at times) in the classroom. Colleges must quit letting professors teach their politics and instead make them teach GOOD teaching practices that are known to work. Colleges should prepare teachers to be experts in what they teach - real experts- Language Arts teachers that really know the classics and genres of literature- as well as grammar and syntax- and have the ability to organize a classroom and deliver GOOD instruction. A united effort to make our schools and our country SUCCEED will definitely work. Failed pie in the sky ideas of socialism need to be discarded. QUIT TRYING TO SOCIAL ENGINEER OUR CHILDREN AND INSTEAD GIVE THEM AN EDUCATION. TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF YOUR EARS AND HEAR THIS- CONSERVATIVES ARE TIRED OF SCREAMING IN THE WIND!!!


  1. Great post, Barbara. How sad that our nation now values equality (everyone equally miserable) over opportunity.

    I'm tired of conservatives being accused of having "no new ideas". That in itself is false, but even if all we had is the knowledge that our nation once knew how to build Hoover Dam, defeat murderous tyrants on the strength of our manufacturing prowess, put men on the moon, and elevate the standard of living for all year after year via good old honest capitalism - wouldn't that be better than the "Hope" and utter failure we see today in the vacuum of leadership?

    Keep rockin'!

    Tom - Rockin' On the Right Side

  2. Right on Tom- The most "transparent administration" has sure fell short of hope and the change is disastrous!!