Monday, 12 May 2014


FAITH , generally speaking, is a good thing. It's important to have FAITH in yourself, it gets you through the hardest times and brings you to the greatest pinnacles of success. FAITH in your family and friends, sometimes, gets down to loyalty. FAITH in your religion is paramount, it brings you the comfort of knowing that God loves you and that everything is not about the here and now. But, FAITH  MISAPPLIED WILL BRING YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND THIS COUNTRY TO DISASTER.

You often hear that liberalism is a religion. I believe that it is. The "liberals" believe in global warming like others might believe in God. But, God is not of this world. God does not have to be proven in this world. In this country you can believe what you want. No one is going to tax or regulate your business based on your belief in God. "Liberals" have found however, that they can control you in every moment of your life - BY LAW- using their own religious ideologies like global warming (recently changed to "climate change"!). They can control how you do your business and how much you pay in taxes. They can control what kind of car you drive and how much you pay for gas. They can control how much you pay to heat your house. They can control whether there are jobs available and how much the energy company can pay - after the energy company pays the government for the privilege of doing business on their own land. The list goes on- but the point is- this is FAITH- not fact. The computer models that were set up to determine global warming have been complete failures. The earth hasn't gotten warmer in 20 years. The ice caps that were supposed to be melted by 2013 are still there. But the religion of global climate change goes on and doubles down "this is settled science", "There can be no questioning. The discussion is over" !! The Federal government can control the states. Private property rights can be altered or taken away. All based on FAITH.

School reform is based on this same FAITH. SCHOOL REFORM HAS NOT WORKED AT ALL AND YET WE ARE DOUBLING DOWN ON IT!! In Helena things have gotten so bad that ,based on statewide testing, this educated and affluent town of government largesse is TENTH out of thirteen AA districts!! Our Helena High does even worse- they're TWELFTH in math. One of the ladies who advocated for the school reform "Goals 2000", twenty years ago, is now blaming our neighborhood schools for the failure!! Yes indeed, the schools would do better if they "had more money" and they could "have more money" if there were less schools!! It takes your breath away.

We had enough money in Helena, and we had better scores, before Hillary Clinton's Goal 2000 school reform movement. Now, the proposal is to close half of our elementary schools and put kids on busses all over town. Big 500 student institutions are now supposedly the answer to better schools. Unfortunately for those of us who live in Helena, this is a liberal town and voting is not based on FACTS, it is based on FAITH. No matter how bad the schools get, the majority will vote for more money and allow their neighborhood schools to be closed. Our poor students in the sixth ward will now have no school at all. They will be bussed hither and yon to spread their treasured free lunch status. You see, the Federal Government doles out money for programs based on Free and reduced lunch. Fifty percent free and reduced lunch makes you eligible. Why, if you break those kids up, instead of having one school with 100% free and reduced lunch, you can have more schools with the sought after 50%!!

Though the "liberals" can see clearly, by the statistics, that the answer to success is not government programs, they will not let go of their FAITH that government programs are the answer. They have tried every government program under the sun for twenty years and our schools have fallen to their lowest academic ratings ever- but this does not for a minute diminish their FAITH!!

FAITH has its place, but a husband who comes home drunk every night should eventually convince his wife that he needs help. In this world of Caesar, we need proof, we need facts, to lead our way to success. People should not be able to cover up and lie and obfuscate to control the people. Failed ideas like free school should be in the trash bin of history right along with failed theories like man made global warming. This is why big government doesn't work. In the free market failed ideas fail. In government failed ideas have advocates and sources of money. Lies, coverup, and blindness to truth keep the failed ideas going and going.

Some people have said that the American people get the government they deserve. FAITH has its place but it isn't in our government. As long as we continue to allow these leftists to control us with their FAITH, we will continue to fail in our schools, in our economy,  in our society, and everywhere that they practice FAITH INSTEAD OF FACTS!!

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  1. It's sobering to think that a school board would move "free lunch" kids solely for the purpose of getting more federal funding. But I'm sure you are on the mark about their motivation. I am starting to wonder if there are any thinking, caring, involved school board trustees left in the US? Are they all just lap dogs for the superintendents, state supt., and state school board liberal lawyers?