Saturday, 31 May 2014


Do you think the resignation of Eric Shinseki will fix the Veterans Administration? I don't want to disappoint anyone, but his resignation is unlikely to do a thing. The HEART OF THE IDEOLOGY is that government can do all things and fix all things- but here's a not very well kept secret for you- IT CAN'T!! It was interesting to hear the pundits on the stock shows today "The only thing government can do is throw money at it!!". Well, the Federal Government has been throwing a whole lot of money- and oh my- look where we are now!!

Nancy Pelosi whipped through the news with her pathetic hesitant voice "You see, more people have healthcare now with this beautiful healthcare bill". Hmm- seriously, do you think this congresswoman, who has made herself a MULTIMILLIONAIRE while serving, and used a GOVERNMENT JET TO GO HOME TO SAN FRANCISCO WITH HER FRIENDS AND FAMILY EVERY WEEK WHEN SHE WAS SPEAKER, really gives a tinkers damn about how many people have healthcare? She certainly wasn't crying a river about all the people who have LOST THEIR HEALTHCARE BECAUSE OF OBAMA CARE, or all the people WHO HAVE TO PAY MORE FOR HEALTHCARE BECAUSE OF OBAMA CARE, or all the people WHO HAVE HAD THEIR RELIGIOUS RIGHTS VIOLATED BECAUSE OF OBAMA CARE, etc. Nancy Pelosi and her compatriots want control, and they want the power and money that comes to them with that control, that's what they want , and as long as we give them that power, we are the suckers that will pay for it.

Someone said that big government works for bureaucracy, not for the people they are supposed to be serving. Well, of course bureaucrats work to serve themselves. Here in Helena we have a superintendent who is trying to take away our neighborhood schools. Helena is a beautiful little town with tree lined streets, and the children walk to school. He has moved here from out of town and is looking to move again- why would he give a rip about our little town? He's looking for his next promotion like the last superintendent did. Colorado here he comes.! Get your 4/3 schools (500 student institutions) with all the federally pushed wide hallways, foyers and hexagonal classrooms, and voila! you are a success and to hell with the destruction you leave behind you.

Bureaucrats work for their salaries and their bonuses and just hope the scandals don't break out on their watch! Private markets compete for market share and only succeed when they serve the public well.

The larger the government gets the less accountability you have and the more corruption you have. Hmm- let me think- how many scandals has Obama known "nothing" about?He was briefed about the Veterans Administration right after he took office- even campaigned about how veterans shouldn't have  waiting lists- but when the scandal hit he said the government was just too big for him to know about these things. The government is just too big for him to know what the NSA and the IRS and the Foreign Affairs (Benghazi) and the Justice Department are doing either.

Can we get this straight for once - THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS JUST TOO DARN BIG!! The other day a student refused to take an entree at lunch "I'm on the special program so it doesn't matter" i.e. her lunch was free so no one was paying for it!! Then she threw her uneaten apple and milk in the trash too, right in front of the teachers and called home for her mother to bring her food, which her mother did about an hour later. That's one of the bad results of  THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT GONE WILD!! Now they want to put preschool into the public schools- all the little private preschools will go out of business and the TAXPAYERS WILL BE PAYING FOR DAYCARE FOREVER MORE!! Do you think they will stop with four year olds? No, they will never stop. Nothing is enough. Head Start's written agenda is to service children FROM THE WOMB!!

The only thing that is going to stop all this madness is to change THE HEART OF THE IDEOLOGY. Government can not do and fix all things. Big government has very bad consequences- including debt, failed economies, social destruction and corruption.LET'S CHANGE THE HEART OF THE IDEOLOGY TO FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM BEFORE ALL THE NANCY PELOSI'S OF THE WORLD HAVE ALL THE MONEY AND ALL THE CONTROL AND WE THE PEOPLE ARE LEFT COMPLETELY HELPLESS.

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