Monday, 30 June 2014


Just about all of us know the universal prayer that Jesus taught us to pray, the" Our Father". In that prayer we promise to do what God wants us to do, to act on earth as it is in heaven. As the Socialists have torn our culture and society apart, leaving character destruction and dependency in their path, I believe people really still do know what "As it art in Heaven" means.

If you are a young lady who has gotten pregnant and are not married and are living on government benefits, you know you are wrong to do this, no matter what your social worker tells you. If you are a parent, who would rather make the payment on your expensive new car than to pay for your children's lunches or their healthcare, you know you are wrong to do this, no matter what the popular culture is saying. If you have a Head Start child or a disabled child, and you would rather have the bus come TO YOUR HOUSE than to get out of bed and take the child to school yourself, you know you are lazy and should take the responsibility of transporting your child. If you are using your money for drugs and alcohol or gambling, and using Food Share for your food, you know you are doing wrong.

In the end not all that much has changed, the "Our Father" is still there, and no matter what propaganda and excuses are out there, people know what they are supposed to do. In the end, we are all responsible for ourselves and our children when they are small, and we know this. We know what it means to be honest, we know what it means to be lazy, we know what "As it art in Heaven" means. Kindness and charity are important IN THEIR PLACE, but the character trait of RESPONSIBILITY means responsibility FOR YOURSELF not responsibility to a group, no matter what they are teaching in school.

I was reminded yesterday of the little girl from Bryant School here in Helena who told her mother she could never be successful at piano because all children at Bryant were failures!! I taught at Bryant school. Bryant School is in a working class neighborhood- SO WHAT?!! Almost all of us grew up in working class neighborhoods! I taught my students to climb the ladder of success, and most of the students I still know from Bryant school are no longer in working class neighborhoods. The socialist left salivates over these schools. Ho Ho- an opportunity to work their craft of dependency and victimhood. I left Bryant in disgust. If any of my students are reading this blog- hear this- you are not a victim and you will be successful- don't ever let anyone tell you different.

We all know what our responsibilities are and how to achieve success through hard work . No excuse ever put anyone on the path to a happy and successful future. Some things never change and we know it, decency is decency. We know "As it art in Heaven", and we can do it. America is like Pinnochio. Many of us have been carried adrift, but I believe America will make it back to Japetto, and we will rise again, knowing who we are and doing what we are supposed to do"As it art in Heaven"- Amen!!

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