Friday, 20 June 2014


We all come across this dilemma almost daily- shall I KEEP THIS or shall I THROW THIS AWAY? Maybe it's just an old sweater or maybe it's as serious as a relationship- but we have to make these decisions.

When progressives want change they are asking you to throw things away. Unfortunately, they don't want you to use careful reason- they just want you to make the change- period. Many techniques are used to convince you to just throw things away without regard for what you are losing. One of the techniques is name calling, they make you feel ignorant or afraid or narrow minded or racist if you won't just jump on their bandwagon.

A whole room of young professionals was told by the school board the other night that the only reason they didn't want to close several schools and replace them with 500 student institutions was because they "needed to be educated" and that they were "afraid"!! My goodness, the young professionals were not ignorant of the situation. They know exactly what is being asked of them. They are being asked to throw away more than a hundred years of educational tradition. They are being asked to throw away the neighborhood school concept for an untried and untested experiment that very well may not work.To say that they are "afraid" is really insulting. In other words, people must accept all change or they are just afraid. All change is good. Excuse me, not all change is good.

Those people that take the time to consider what they are losing and what their alternatives are, are the smart ones. They are the patriots that will save, not just our schools and neighborhoods, but this country. Personally, change is why I love capitalism so much. New products come out all the time that are duds. The market quickly discards these things and comes up with new things that do work. The Swiffer mops have turned out to be pretty bad- they push dirt around,but the new steam mops really work. Voila- people purchase what works and the market responds.

America is rich and powerful- the place where all the people from Central America want to come to find their "dreams" apparently. It is not bureaucracy that created this wonderful place where dreams come true, it is capitalism. People striving to do better and to create more are what built this country, not irresponsible change perpetrated by bureaucrats.

Every time you listen to these change agents you are throwing something away. If it's gay marriage then you are being asked to throw away the sanctity of traditional marriage between a man and a woman. You are opening marriage to any possibility, from two wives or two husbands or more, to someone being married to both a man and a woman. The bedrock of the society, the family, could very well be destroyed in this chaos. If it's legalizing Marijuana and Cocaine, you will be throwing away strictures that keep the society somewhat sober, with brains that are not damaged by these substances. If it is Common Core you are being asked to accept you are throwing away the control of local school boards over curriculum and the right to change curriculum and teaching methods over time as the market dictates, instead of what bureaucrats from Washington dictate.

Change requires loss, and those people who understand the dangers and destruction that big change with no accountability or research of outcomes can cause, are the wise ones. All change is definitely not good and tried and true practices should never be turned over lightly.Be careful what you KEEP and what you THROW AWAY and don't let the change agents intimidate you with their name calling!!

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  1. I know what I want to throw away!

    Good post, Barbara.