Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Trust, an interesting thought. Whom do you trust? Do you trust your government? Do you trust your school superintendent not to lie to you? Do you trust that your school board is doing what's in the best interest of your child? When you think about it, there's not really a lot of trust out there anymore.

Why can't you trust your superintendent of schools not to lie to you? Maybe it's because this country was FOUNDED on TRUST and the superintendent is trying to pretend that nothing has changed, but it has. This country was FOUNDED TO PUT TRUST IN THE PEOPLE. That is why we have a vote. Many people at the time did not trust that people could govern themselves. If you think about it, liberals, still today, do not believe that people can govern themselves. They TRUST the government, not you. So, your superintendent has to lie to you. He has to tell you that the building programs he is representing are a LOCAL idea. He has to tell you that Common Core does not take away LOCAL CONTROL. You see, our Federal Government is not supposed to be involved in Education at all. They have no mandate to do what they are doing so your superintendent has to lie to you, AND in most cases, to bring the school board along with those lies ( Believe it or not, there actually are many school board members that don't realize they are being directed from the Federal Government).

As the programs go forward the LACK OF TRUST IN THE PUBLIC gets worse and worse. We are told that schools need 100% free and reduced breakfast, lunch and snacks because "People just won't feed their children". Do you believe that, or do you think this is a MANUFACTURED CRISES to get you to support FEDERAL TAKE OVER OF FOOD AT SCHOOL? I can tell you that I went to school in the 50's and no one was starving. I can tell you that I never, not even one time, had a student pass out from hunger at school in all the 30 years that I taught.

We used to TRUST teachers. If the English teachers at a high school gave a student A's in English we believed that that student could write and the colleges accepted that. We believed that our elementary and middle school teachers were able to teach writing without Federal intervention. Today we have Common Core and writing programs and tests because there is no TRUST that the teachers can do this on their own. Under the TRUST system (otherwise known as freedom), we built this great country that people from around the world want to come to and that the "dreamers" from Mexico and Central America enter illegally. We went to the moon and developed an amazing industrial complex. We didn't need a Federal Department of Education to do these things. Freedom actually does work.

Our grand experiment with freedom is being destroyed by people who put their TRUST in the Federal Government and can't believe that we don't need standardized health (government controlled) and standardized curriculums and standardized welfare and standardized child rearing and standardized everything else. These people just can't believe that our states, counties, cities and school boards can operate without the Federal Government controlling them. They can't believe that parents and teachers can do their jobs without the help of the Federal Government. We are on the road to tyranny because we are letting these nonbelievers turn our successful nation into huge bureaucratic interventions that never work and always destroy.

The schools have not improved under Federal Government Reform that started with Goals 2000 in the nineties. Our test scores are flat. In my hometown of Helena our scores have deteriorated. FREEDOM actually does work folks. Put your TRUST back in yourself and your local governance and maybe we can begin believing and respecting our representatives once again. Maybe school boards and school superintendents will begin doing what is right for their local district again, instead of what the Federal Government wants, and they won't have to lie to you. The Federal Government is a wasteland of ineptitude and their march to control you has got to be stopped. STOP THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND YOU CAN STOP THE LIEING. WE CAN START TRUSTING ONE ANOTHER ONCE AGAIN.

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