Sunday, 7 September 2014


Thomas Jefferson had F O C U S when it came to our country. He had a VISION. He knew what he wanted for America and how he would get there. He wanted a strong and free America. To this end he wrote the Declaration of Independence, participated in the Constitutional Convention and, as president, accomplished the Louisiana Purchase. Many of America's leaders had this kind of F O C U S. George Washington fought the Revolutionary war against all odds and Abraham Lincoln never gave up on the Civil War. General Dwight Eisenhower fought his way across Europe. These people didn't lose their
F O C U S  in what they wanted for our country. They weren't distracted by every faction, every squabble, every problem, every special interest group. They fought for our American ideals and built a great nation.

Today our Common Core educators mock anyone wanting to teach an accumulation of events and facts. They claim that students can just look things up!! This is the kind of distracted learning that leads to a lack of  F O C U S. I wonder, how can anyone have any clarity of thought about events, when they do not have the continuum of historical facts IN THEIR MIND. You might be able to bake a cake by referring to a recipe, one step at a time, but you can't think that way. YOU HAVE TO KNOW THINGS. The Common Core folks love to say that they are teaching "higher level thinking skills" and "critical thinking". Yeah right, critical thinking by children who do not have an accumulation of events, facts, and information in their brains. This is indoctrination, not "higher level" thinking.

Our great nation is under attack from these non- thinkers. They have broken our country into a  thousand special interests and factions and in the process our leaders have lost all F O C US on what is in America's interest, what we need to do to protect our country and our future. From terrorism to open borders to financial crisis, this country goes forward with no F O C U S on what is right for America. We are supposed to care more for the needs of the illegal immigrants than for the security and defense of our own country. 

It's my suspicion that the great propaganda artists somewhere have a design to dismantle the American dream by turning our people into factions that lose all vision, all F O C U S of what we need to do to protect, maintain and build our great country which is built on FREEDOM- THAT MEANS PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS AND FREE MARKETS.

Any thief in the night knows that they have to distract the guards to get to the compound. Let's quit being distracted. Let's quit electing leaders that have no F O C U S on America's interests. Let's get rid of this ridiculous education philosophy and centralized Common Core that is distracting our schools from teaching full curriculums of real information that builds real knowledge. Our children will only be able to F O C U S  on what is right for our great country when they know REAL PROVEN SCIENCE and FULL HISTORICAL UNDERSTANDINGS. Let's F O C U S on what we want and need , let's F O C U S  on our nations vital interests and make a better tomorrow for all of the citizens of this great land.

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