Tuesday, 21 October 2014


TO BE OR NOT TO BE? THAT IS THE QUESTION. I will borrow this wonderful quote from Shakespeare. Another way to put this question is - what will become of America?

We always think of the Germans as a hardworking and frugal people. People you can depend on. When it looks like Germany might go back into recession the stock market quakes and shivers- if the Germans are going down then what will happen to the rest of us who are not nearly as reliable? THE WORK ETHIC MATTERS!!

Many of us might remember when we were growing up that lying on the couch reading a book was not considered work. I remember my old German grandmother- if you weren't participating in the work- what were you doing? Did these people have failings and hang ups - most certainly. Did they over come them ? Yes, they did. Man has his good side and his bad side. Everything depends on which side you want to nourish and encourage.

I would argue that America is in a mess today because the Democrat party has encouraged the wrong values. A professor from Louisiana provided me with an aha! moment the other night. It was one of those moments when something so obvious, becomes clear to me. He said the Democrat party used to be the party for robust economic growth. TODAY THE DEMOCRAT PARTY IS THE PARTY OF REDISTRIBUTION. Yes! Yes! and Yes! 

Everywhere you look the Democrats are teaching dependency and victimhood. Lawyers use class action suits to get their booty from large corporations. The justice system is just as embroiled in this redistribution ethos as the poorer classes are. Corporations are not seen as magnificent achievements that provide for the benefits of all of us, from low cost goods to jobs to the tax base - they are seen as evil, and everyone has the right to pillage them. Success is not rewarded with honor - it is despised.

In school our children are being carefully taught with free things they really don't need - free coats, when they all have perfectly good ones that they leave on the playground and won't even claim in lost and found- the schools contribute these coats to thrift stores every year, free food all day long when their parents can easily give them a bowl of cereal and a peanut butter sandwich, collecting for Food Share which gives food to people without proof of income status, that everyone is a dependent. The idea of the rugged individual is denigrated while the idea of victimhood reigns supreme. Under the Bully Program you can turn someone in for "Making you feel inferior". Nebulous things that set up a culture of victimhood. Children are not taught that through hard work and personal fortitude they can become anything they want to be because AMERICA IS THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY. They are taught about the poor and downtrodden and told that THIS IS ALL THE FAULT OF AMERICA. Any race that has not achieved everything they could and should, gets to blame our country, never themselves.

Government grants and government programs set up corporatism and greed everywhere- from non-profits that work to keep their head count up for grants and care more for their bottom line than what they are contributing to the actual charity, to corporations that set up on K Street in Washington D.C. to farmers that don't plant crops. Everyone's looking for an angle from disabilities to class action suits. BUT WHO IS LOOKING OUT FOR AMERICA? WHO CARES THAT THE CHARACTER OF OUR PEOPLE WILL BRING DOWN OUR NATION?

Man can achieve greatness and man can destroy himself. What will it be for America? Will we stop this insanity and teach our children the values they need to succeed in this world? Will  we teach our children to be proud and resilient or will we continue down this path of dependency that is drowning this country in corruption and debt? TO BE OR NOT TO BE? THAT IS THE QUESTION.

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