Sunday, 2 November 2014


I was watching the news this morning and a promo for the next show informed us that the U.N. has come out with a new edict on global warming. According to them, we will need to get down to ZERO emissions within 20 years, to SAVE THE PLANET!! SERIOUSLY?!!! They get to put out this propaganda and GET AWAY WITH IT!! This is BUREAUCRACY gone amuck on warp speed,for one simple reason- THEY ARE NOT HELD ACCOUNTABLE!! If the world finally said- " You are coming out with outlandish statements that you can not back up with fact and we are going to TAKE YOUR MONEY AWAY", they would stop in a heartbeat. After all, there can be no argument that Al Gore's prediction that the ice caps would have melted by the year 2000, was actually  erroneous.

BUREAUCRATS wreak destruction everywhere, AND THEY ARE NEVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE!! Hillary Clinton's Goals 2000 in our schools has been a TOTAL FAILURE, but no one wants to talk about it. George Bush's No Child Left Behind program was Goals 2000 on warp speed with testing- he passed it with Ted Kennedy. No one wants to talk about it. The attempt at Global Education and all its SOCIAL ENGINEERING comes directly from the U. N. and is now called COMMON CORE. BUREAUCRATS are wreaking havoc and destroying public education in America. No one cares, they collect their paychecks- in the case of Pearson, David Coleman and Microsoft- very big ones- and they go on destroying kids education and competition in the public school publishing markets-  AND THEY GET AWAY WITH IT!! WHO WILL HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE? In free markets if you have a lousy product you go out of business- end of story. What happens to BUREAUCRATS that lie and manipulate and have programs that are total failures? NOTHING HAPPENS!! 

I watch our Helena School Board with disgust and disbelief. They can sit and listen to a program that in some cases works- like the math program Success Maker for Math Recovery classes, which uses a computer program to test where students are failing and the teacher has them practice that skill - and applaud direct instruction. In the next moment they can listen to Amy Yerko from Chicago telling them we need new buildings with wide open forums so that teachers can teach through collaborative projects and they dumbly give the nod to that ! If you confront individuals- like I did Amy Yerko- they kind of get it. Amy asked ME for advice about her sons education at the end of one of our planning sessions in Helena. Amy has a business, she is one of the newly created experts to promote the BUREAUCRATS GARBAGE.  All these experts have to do is to say what they are told.

After the Success Maker presentation I went up to our assistant superintendent and tried to make some sense with him- kids that are struggling will just get lost having their math taught through a month long project on making rockets. HE AGREED WITH ME !! Actually, most of the kids,will learn very little and a great deal of time will be wasted. But nothing will change. Nothing will change until the grants coming from Washington go away. Microsoft will stop when there is no paycheck there. The U.N. will be stopped when their money runs out.

The public needs to begin to REQUIRE ACCOUNTABILITY, AND I DON'T MEAN COMMON CORE TESTING WHICH CAN BE CHANGED AT ANY TIME BY THE TEST CREATORS TO SHOW FAKE ACHIEVEMENT. Accountability is independent and various testing companies showing real growth in real academics (math and reading) nationwide.

Meanwhile, they are using our precious school money to hire LITERACY COACHES. This is Common Core again, trying to force all teachers to be their little robots. This is the part that really makes me sick at my stomach- the new literacy coach at our middle school is a woman who has political ties to the Democrat party because she served on the school board for them. Her experience in literacy? She worked for the Gifted and Talented program for a few years (project learning on steroids, with NO TESTING AND NO PROOF THAT IT IS EFFECTIVE AT ALL). So, this woman who came very late to the education game, and never taught Middle School English in her life, is telling our career English teachers HOW TO TEACH!!!

In just about all industries in America the American public is seeing a loss of freedom and an inablity to get out from under the strangle hold of BUREAUCRACY. We need to get our country back by stopping the BUREAUCRATS. The BUREAUCRATS need to be forced into the private sector where they will actually have to achieve something to make a living. The only way I know to stop the BUREAUCRATS, is to downsize the government. Only school programs that actually PROVE THEIR SUCCESS EVERY YEAR, should be allowed to go forward. Currently we have no proof of success what so ever, and programs like Dare, Head Start, and PEAK, go on and on propagandizing, but do not have to offer proof of their success.


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