Thursday, 22 January 2015



In Helena, our local school board and it's vaunted superintendent have been trying to set up a school bond for about five years. They hold public forums and no matter what the public tells them, they stick to their guns of 500 student institutions. Even if the people protest, make signs, put signs in their yards FOR MONTHS, they stick to their guns, we will have seven 500 student elementary schools. They say they want public input, but they stick to their guns, 500 student institutions. Why is this so? Why are they so INTRANSIGENT? They are INTRANSIGENT because these are not their ideas, these ideas come from BUREAUCRATS IN WASHINGTON THAT HAVE CONTROL OVER WHO GETS FEDERAL GRANTS!!

The idea is to make it LOOK like the "community" is participating in these decisions, but in reality the decisions have already been made in Washington. Fortunately, the public still gets to vote for these bonds so there is a slight chink in their armour. They have tried all the techniques- over and over- putting people in groups and delphiing them so the school boards wishes appear to come from the public, stacking the room with teachers and principals who will say what the superintendent wants, trying to find a few lackys in the public who may want a job with the district and having them testify, stacking the room with special interest groups so that what is reported out is that our schools need room for the homeless, early childhood, disabilities interests, poverty interests, Montessori interests, art interests and so on, none of their tricks have been successful in Helena, people on the RIGHT AND THE LEFT want their neighborhood schools.

The propaganda is of course relentless. These "experts" know what the future is going to be!! If you don't want what they want you have your head in the sand!! This is the 21st century and our schools just must be brought up to 21st century standards!! All our schools are old and decrepit and the people who support them are just hanging on to relics and stopping progress- keeping Helena in the dark ages!! Besides, we don't have the money to have neighborhood schools!! Hmmm- really? We are running those schools right now and seem to be doing alright. What, by the way, is in the future that will make 500 student institutions the answer to educational progress? For me, it is just fun to finally see the liberals stand up. These people are very smart, very knowledgeable, and very prepared when they want to be. The historical preservationists are just fit to be tied about the destruction of these beautiful historic buildings. They point out that it's not the building your in that makes a good school, it's the teacher!! Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! - but nobody makes any money over just having good teachers.

Here's where the CHAMELEON comes in. This school board that sees itself as oh just so progressive- wants to stop progress!! Yes indeed, if little school districts can have their own high schools- well- they would lose just so much money!! We can't have that change!! Growth is happening in East Helena here and they just can't have their own high school !! Things must stay as they are!! My, My, stopping the future because you don't like it are we? One liberal pointed out that trends show that people are moving into the inner cities again. What if you close all the inner city schools and then the population is not in the valley but is in town? We're not going to pay attention to that future. The CHAMELEONS want children to walk to school, but they are closing their schools. The Chameleons want home visits and children and their families to be oh so comfortable at school, but they are closing their school and their playground and their gym, and sending them away on buses to 500 student institutions. The CHAMELEONS want bike paths everywhere and think that global warming is melting all the glaciers and washing us away, but they will put all the children in Helena in buses, or their parents cars.

Be careful about listening to liberal propaganda about the future, it changes to meet their needs. No one knows the future, and they are using your willingness to think they know what no one knows, to get their agenda of top down central control that puts all of us and our children into a social engineering cage. The bureaucrats in Washington are scary people. These very malinformed elitist tyrants don't know more than anyone else, but they have government power to control you. You can stop them, vote for people who will slay this dragon. Vote for someone who is willing to cut the head off of this snarling propaganda machine.

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