Tuesday, 17 February 2015


It is astounding to me that the United States Senate and House of Representatives is about to reenact the NCLB (No Child Left Behind)- recently called the ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act)- in other words- FUNDING FOR THE FEDERAL DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION!!! This department came about in 1977 when the elitists, who today call themselves progressives, were screaming like Chicken Little that the sky was falling!! American education was failing!! American education was on the brink of disaster!! We needed the Federal Government to step in and save us!!

My, My,- 38 years and billions of dollars later what do we have? Do we have improved education in America? Well if we do, it's sure funny that the homeschool movement has mushroomed everywhere and the states are screaming for vouchers and charter schools. Actually our schools are in huge dissarray. Students' dress tells you all you need to know- they respect no one, their morals allow in many cases for promiscuity and drug use. I know there are wonderful top notch students out there, but these individuals survive inspite of the dissarray, including dishes of condoms on the nurses desk and sex clubs on campus.

Even the Elitists admit there actually is a problem- that's why they came up with the new program "Common Core" that our vaunted United States Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan has been pimping for all over the country. Has this program been tried, tested, and proven? NO. The elitists are not required to have ANY ACCOUNTABILITY. They know what's best for you, just take their word for it. They get to say anything they want, like "graduation and career ready" and "21st century!" and you are just supposed to believe it. They don't have to prove anything. In fact, they get to tell you what it is appropriate for you to say and not to say. I heard the other day that to call illegal aliens, illegal aliens is racist!! The old power politics of the race card. What are we supposed to call people who are not citizens and who broke the law and are here illegally? Are we supposed to call them citizens? So much for free speech, the elitists, who call themselves progressives ,will let us know what we can say and what we can not say. They will let us know what we must believe (like that carbon emissions cause global warming) and they are not accountable to prove anything.

The American people are trying to fight back. There was a huge tsunami election of conservatives last November. But, what difference does it make? What difference does it make if our elected representatives will just reenact the old hippi programs that have not worked for 38 years? What difference does our vote make if these representatives will not require SOME ACCOUNTABILITY before reenacting the same failed programs and spending BILLIONS OF DOLLARS on them while the security of our country, our very existence, is floundering in our more than EIGHTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS OF DEBT?!!

Maurice McTigue tells of the accountability program in New Zealand. Their government was floundering in debt and bureaucracy and over regulation. They found that for every dollar spent on education, SEVENTY CENTS WENT TO BUREAUCRATS AND ONLY THIRTY CENTS WENT TO THE CLASSROOMS!!! They did away with all the bureaucracy and went to local school boards for each school that were elected only by the parents from that school. International testing showed that New Zealand students went from fifteen percent BELOW the international average to fifteen percent ABOVE the international average.

Unfortunately, people like Jeb Bush who thinks he is going to run for president, just don't get it. They call themselves Republicans but they don't get that we don't need central control over things to make them work. They don't even get that central control doesn't work and that individuals and competition DO WORK. For two hundred years this country grew and became powerful and rich with schools that made their own curriculums and chose materials from capitalist competitive pubishing companies. But people like Jeb think the 38years of destruction by the federal bureaucrats is what we really need!! He and his counterparts won't require ACCOUNTABILITY. He never even asked for the proof that Common Core worked, the tests and pilots, before he bought their whole schtick of "college and career ready" and "21st century skills". America doesn't need anymore Bozos like Jeb Bush. We need independent thinkers that are willing to REQUIRE ACCOUNTABILITY and have the strength of character to get this American government back on track, ACCOUNTABLE TO THE CONSTITUTION AND ACCOUNTABLE TO WHAT THE GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS HAVE ACCOMPLISHED!!We need a president and elected representatives that are not afraid of unions and lobbyists. We need a president who is a strong indpendent thinker who will fight for what is right for America.

Centralized authorites have a very limited number of things that they might be able to do well and they need to get back to their knitting and let the rest of us be free and have a secure country once again. We don't have to sit and be controlled by propaganda from these elitists who think that they and or their government friends should manage all of us. They call themselves progressives but what they really are, are elitists who think you need to be controlled for your own good because you are not capable of running your own life. These elitists who call themselves progressives, get their ideas from Washington. They don't ask questions and they don't require accountability. It's up to us to unmask them and their propaganda. The American people must scream for accountability and courage, starting with NOT REENACTING THE ESEA THAT IS A TOTAL FAILURE AND PUTTING THE FEDERAL DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION OUT OF BUSINESS FOR GOOD!! WRITE YOUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES IN WASHINGTON TODAY!!

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