Friday, 20 March 2015


I just came back from a trip to California. I was once again treated to my "favorite" bumper sticker. Some old hippi had this very old and faded bumper sticker from 20 years ago when Clinton lost the house and senate- the bumper sticker says "MEAN PEOPLE SUCK"!! Hmmm- really? If mean people suck - WHO ARE THE NICE PEOPLE?

Let me think- if the mean people are the responsible tax paying indivduals the "nice" people must be the drug addicts and other totally irresponsible individuals who do nothing for anyone else and want a hand out from others. Or maybe the "nice" people are the people like Nancy Pelosi who gold plated her husbands real estate development with government favors and went on to take a private jet home to San Francisco every weekend on the public dime even though the government is floundering in debt, or Harry Reid who had all that land rezoned so his sons could make a whole bunch of money, or Barrack Obama who took essentially free land from the mob boss Rizzio, or maybe it's the all so caring Clintons that have become multimillionaires putting America up for Sale by influence peddling to any country that would give them money- including China, Saudi Arabia and Algeria - ARE THESE THE NICE PEOPLE- REALLY? I guess Martha's Vineyard is just full of all these "nice" people.

I guess the socialists are trying as hard as they can to raise "nice" children in school. We wouldn't like them to be rugged individuals who believe in themselves and work hard and are focussed. We want them to suck on water bottles all day (they need their water on demand at all times) and then run to the potty all day long (and maybe play a little in the hallway on the way- what the heck- what you miss in class isn't really all that important). We want them to give up their studies so they can help foodshare out and do a little gardening and then collect money for foodshare and cancer and so on too. Non profits aren't businesses that want to expand and have a bottom line of salaries and benefits are they? They don't have CEO's that make millions of dollars off of the public donations do they?

You know I guess "nice" people don't ask questions either. If you fill them full of a bunch of bull about global warming or how bad their country is- they will just accept that. They won't be those trouble making rugged individuals that work hard and have integrity. The "nice" people will just accept whatever the powers that be in Washington send down.

The "nice" people aren't judgemental either. Why, anything goes with them!! Have sex whenever and with whomever and take drugs too- they wouldn't want anyone to think they thought they had higher morals!! No indeed,go home mindless and watch MTV - those people on the Donna Reed show or Leave It To Beaver are just mean spirited to think there are higher morals in this world.

Well there you have it folks- raising kids the socialist way. But wait a minute- what if we all become "nice" people and there is no one left to carry the load and pay the bills? Hmmm- I guess the socialists
have an answer for that too- they control everyone and then they bring down the hammer. Don't let them America- keep fighting back- the rugged individuals will save America inspite of itself.

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  1. What really happened to Harry Reid? I think the mafia beat the hell out of him. He has made so many dirty deals with so many crooks he can't keep track. And he decided to not run for re-election when he found out there is going to be a full investigation into his role in his son's mega-million dollar Las Vegas deal involving Homeland Security's illegal granting of H1-B visas to Mexican investors. I'm gonna miss old Dingy Harry. Just when it was getting fun. Keep rockin', Barbara - Tom Balek -