Tuesday, 28 April 2015


In my home town of Helena we are having a big fight over a bond to CONSOLIDATE our schools. If the school district has their way we will go from eleven elementaries to seven. Almost all of our children will have to take a bus or be driven to school. Amy Yerko from Chicago was brought here not long ago, as a consultant, to show us how wonderful these mega schools are. She had slides with pictures of these mega schools from other states, so we know this is not a Helena idea don't we?

Whose idea is this? Who wants our children going to 500 student mega institutions? I could show you the plan from the Federal Department of Education. I have a copy. In the early nineties when Hillary Clinton introduced us to Goals 2000 she said she wanted schools to become community centers. Her schools would be the central hub where all services would be offered. Now we have Common Core and Century 21 grants. It is the same thing from the same people. The globalists from the Federal Government and the United Nations are in this dream world where they think they are just so much smarter than the rest of us. In their world of dreams they will manage the masses. They will social engineer our children to "the right way" and manage us all into community consensus groups. That's why we need CONSOLIDATION. It's just so hard to manage disparate entities, CONSOLIDATED things are so much easier to control.

The first thing Hillary did in the early nineties was to CONSOLIDATE school districts. In Helena we went from three districts to one.This move to CONSOLIDATION was written into Goals 2000. Have you noticed CONSOLIDATION where you live? In Helena almost all of our private doctor businesses have been CONSOLIDATED into the hospital. It's just so much easier to CONTROL things when they are CONSOLIDATED.

That, in truth, is what the Standards movement is all about. We used to have very general standards, the Carnegie Standards, that said students should have a certain number of units in Math, Science, English, and Social Studies to graduate. What was in those courses, and how they were taught and evaluated was up to the school district and the teachers. We did pretty well under that system. We built a civilized society, even interstate highways, skyscrapers and went to the moon!! We had a reasonably moral society and people were not starving to death in our streets. We were doing better than most places in the world like India or China or Africa. But, Hillary and her friends did not like this. They knew better, there was too much freedom going on out there!! Voila, the standards movement. She would tell our schools what to teach and our teachers how to teach!! She would have grants and programs like gardening (it was in Goals 2000) and artists in residency (in Goals 2000) and so on. I don't know about your school district but ours has tanked since this all happened 20 years ago. Our schools in Helena today are in disarray and our scores have fallen alot. Our school buildings are in disrepair because money for maintenance has gone to programs and paid for Federal grants that do their disappearing act after three years. Our whole town is at each others throats. But what has happened to Hillary?

My, My, she's become a multimillionaire or billionaire and is running for president!! She's been influence peddling all over the world, even gave uranium to Russia which supplies Iran!! Her friend Jeffrey Imhelt, CEO of General Electric, got a contract with Kazikhstan from her while she was secretary of state, and gave ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS to Common Core ( who knew being secretary of state could be such a lucrative job!!)!!What a wheeler and dealer you are Hillary!! You will conrol the world!! Just take from one and give to another and you have the world on a string. Why you are so smart and so compassionate that you have made yourself a mega fortune!! Hillary Machiavelli!! Who cares what happens to America and the freedom it once had? Who cares about all the corruption and lawlessness? Who cares about the moral decay and dissarray in our schools? Who cares if our buildings are in disrepair and students lose their neighborhood schools? These people at the top know what is best for us, everything will be WONDERFUL IN THE END. No it won't. I saw this story play out before in the soviet union. I was in Romania with my relatives in 1975. Everyone was suffering because it was all going to be a panacea in the end. No it wasn't. The people finally revolted and the wall came down in 1989. Ceausescu (Romanian president) was shot dead in the street.

I don't know how long the American people will allow this to play out. How long will they take direction from Hillary while allowing her and Bill to amass their fortune? When children are small and mom says "you have to do your homework" and "you have to brush your teeth" but dad says," Hey- stay up as late as you want and I'll give you candy!", the kids go with dad! Hey- he's a great guy! But when they have a tummy ache and are tired at school and start to fail- they turn back to mom. Hillary and her friends have broken down morals "if it feels good do it!", and offered free everything, and jobs ,and contracts, and grants. As they have gone down this merry path they have enriched themselves as our great America has sighed and shuddered under the weight of debt, lawlessness and corruption, and destruction of our institutions. I don't know how you get integrity back. Some people think we never will. I, however, am an optimist. I believe in this country with all my heart and soul. I will never give up. America will notice it is tired and weak and will rise up AGAINST this monster socialism. America will DECONSOLIDATE AND GET BACK TO OUR FREEDOM!! There are no angels among men that know what it best for all. We can decide for ourselves what is best for our schools and towns and families.

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