Sunday, 3 May 2015


Freddie Gray, for those who never watch any cable news at all, ever, is a young man who died in Baltimore in the back of a police van. The usual bad actors, irresponsible and ignorant college babies, people who make a living off of inciting violence (like Al Sharpton), and the thugs who are out to loot, took to the streets in Baltimore in protest over Freddie Gray's death. Freddie Gray's death is indeed a horrific tragedy. But who killed him? Did you kill him? Did I kill him? Did the city of Baltimore kill him? None of the above. Freddie, unfortunately killed himself. What in the world was he doing in the back of a police van? Do the police just go around picking up innocent people for the fun of it? NO THEY DON'T.  Freddie had a criminal record. So Freddie is responsible for breaking the law.

I remember when I was a school teacher I would hear parents complain about their children getting in trouble when they had done nothing wrong. NO, try again.  Children who are sitting quietly, earnestly trying to do their work, are not ripped up out of their seats and accused of things. The last thing a teacher wants is trouble. The teacher is very busy and just prays that everyone is good. This is the same story with police. They don't go looking for trouble. They hope it doesn't happen on their watch. So, back to Freddie Gray. The question is, why did Freddie Gray become a criminal?

Well, I didn't make him a criminal and neither did you. Freddie became a criminal because his parents did not take care of him. I don't know Freddie's parents but I just bet his dad didn't take him fishing and play ball with him and read him bedtime stories. More than likely his dad wasn't even in his home. Was Freddie a criminal because he was poor? NO!! Many people are poor. They do not become criminals. Most of us come from poor backgrounds or our grandparents did. These people by and large did not become criminals. They took personal responsibility and worked their way out of poverty. Yes, you can do that. It happens every day.

I just went to church today and once again I did not hear a sermon on personal responsibility. Each of us has a responsibility to care for ourselves and our families. If you are not making breakfast for your children shame on you. If you are using drugs to get high, shame on you. If you are on welfare you should be grateful and doing everything humanly possible to take that burden off of the rest of society.

It's not about giving back. It's about doing what you are supposed to do and understanding your responsibility and guilt when you do not do the things you are supposed to do. Unions, nonprofits, and political parties, do not make money or get power from making you responsible. They can, however, get lots of money and support for telling you you are a victim. The "victims" may lose us our freedom. Every program to help the "victims" takes money and power away from the average American. Money is power, and the more of it you give to the government, the more power the government has over you.

These righteous college babies had their signs "Black lives matter". Yes they do. One hundred and fifty innocent Black men were beheaded by the Libyans because they believed in Jesus Christ. Hundreds were thrown off a boat at sea. I just didn't see all these righteous college babies out there with their signs "Black lives matter". No, to them, Black lives only matter when the cause is making a conversation that will get votes for the Socialist/Democrat political agenda.

A headline in one of our Montana papers today said that the new political agenda was the poor and they cited the riots in Baltimore. Sorry boys. It's not education, Baltimore pays more per student (over $15,000 dollars a student!!) for education, and has a social safety net that an ox couldn't carrry. This is not about poverty, this is about responsibility for everyone. EVERYONE - from Hillary and Bill Clinton who make themselves rich off of poverty (90% of their foundation money does not go to help the poor), to politicians looking for votes out of making victims, to fathers like Freddie Gray's, to college students who live off the fat of the land and don't understand or get educated on the issues, to pastors and priests who are afraid to say the truth. Feed your own children and teach them that America is not about what you get. Make people feel responsible for themselves and ask what they are doing to help others when they ask you for a handout. Start saying the truth and the looters will understand that they, and Freddie Gray, are criminals. This is not a lynching party for the police. We do not convict police of being murderers on the whim and force of a crowd. And pray for America everyday. We have to have another revolution for our freedom, a revolution to throw off the "victims"and turn them into true patriots and American citizens once again. It all happens from a very simple thing- EXPECTATIONS!!

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