Saturday, 4 July 2015


It took an Australian to say it. Our schools are teaching anti Americanism. A recent poll shows that only 54% of Americans still believe in their country. The Australian said "American schools have more blood on their hands than someone slaughtering a hemopheliac cow". YES THEY DO. Everyday more young people graduate from college HATING their country, DISDAINFUL of their country, propagandized TRAITORS.

COMMON CORE is set up to move the propaganda down to high school and even grade school. They call it "Higher Level Thinking". Little children's opinions are those of their parents and the Common Core creators know this, as we all do. Asking them their "opinion" is just an opening for the teacher to change it or get the child to question their upbringing, their faith in their country. How clever, they call it "Higher Level" thinking. The creators of Common Core just think THEIR OPINION is higher level thinking.

It's so obvious, and it's been said on this blog before, you can't do higher level thinking until you know something. I testified at the school board meeting about the new Common Core aligned Social Studies Curriculum. Some of it was just stupid like, asking the children if they can change history or if it is inevitable. Obviously history can not be changed, it already happened. We can only change the future. They referred to "Our Democracy". I had to tell them that our country is actually a Representative Republic and that the Greeks tried Democracy and it did not turn out too well. The curriculum went on to ask the children their opinion of world economics and which economic system is best. These children do not have enough knowledge to intelligently discuss this subject. They are pawns to the teacher's point of view. The school board of course did not change a thing. Though the man who got up and spoke in Indian was told they would have the curriculum director put more "Indian Education For All" into the document. They were more concerned about being politically correct than teaching the history of our country. The man testifying cared only for his culture, not this great country. I'm sure he doesn't even think it IS a great country. I don't know how you change this, though God knows I have tried. The schools have BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS.

One young man, bright and articulate, who is a school board student representative (these are ALWAYS 
liberals), pointed out that they shouldn't say "World War II Victory" when speaking of our country because we did bad things too!! This young man is from Africa, he was adopted into this country. What kind of loyalty to this country is he being taught? Does he get it that this great nation SACRIFICED SO MANY BEAUTIFUL YOUNG MEN TO SAVE EUROPE FROM FACISM IN WORLD WAR II? THAT WE SAVED THE JEWS FROM CONCENTRATION CAMPS WHERE THEY WERE BEING SLAUGHTERED?!!! Obviously he does not. What a shame. The schools HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS.

I remember as a young girl, with immigrant grandparents, singing "My Country Tis of Thee" everyday  before school started. We were so proud of this great country. Many years later I remember being scorned and laughed at by passing students when I had my students sing American songs. Our forefathers are long dead, they have passed the torch on to us. Will we save this country or will we let it be destroyed?

Many liberals think they ARE being patriotic when they unfairly criticize this country. One more step into the grave for this country. Most of them started down this America Bashing road in college. I have a couple of thoughts for them to ponder, here is one quote "Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants, it is the creed of slaves." William PItt, before the House of Commons, Nov. 18, 1783. Now America is almost broke and we have increased dependency and the accompanying social decay to the point that we don't know if the country will be saved. When the economy fails, and it will if things are not turned around, they won't have to just worry about the poor, all of us will suffer and many will die.

I have watched in my life time as a great nation that was so rich and powerful in the 50's has been brought to its knees by the liberal agenda from the 60's. We shouldn't have to be afraid for our futures and that of our families. We shouldn't have to listen to lies and propaganda.  Once again this summer our forests are burning down and with it the habitat of so many animals. The liberals NEVER discuss this. But if we try to be productive and offer jobs, they SCREAM BLOODY MURDER because a prairie dog or two will lose their habitat. This of course is not true. The oil wells pump and the land around them is restored and the prairie dogs thrive. Managing forests provided jobs and wealth and we could breathe in the summer.

Like many of you, I have tried and tried to save this country. Perhaps we are the dead bodies that will finally build a ladder to the fresh air. Perhaps our liberal friends will finally realize what they have done and the lies will stop and the saving of America will begin.


  1. Barbara, I'm sorry if my comments seemed anti-American. I was trying to stress the importance of objective language in the document. As a young Ethiopian-American, I am disillusioned by the direction I see the country heading. Our treatment of minorities and marginalization of the LGBT community seems inappropriate for 2015. I am similarly disheartened by our treatment of delicate environments in the interest of corporate gain. You are right, I am incredibly lucky to have been adopted and live in a country as prosperous as America, but that does not mean I cannot thoughtfully examine it. I am sure I will see you at the next school board meeting.

  2. What history should teach is facts Aidan. It is a fact that America and the western Allies were victorious in World War II. Whatever your point of view might be, it is a fact that America and the Western Allies won that war. Germany and Japan surrendered . Using the word victory to describe a military victory is completely appropriate. What do you call winning?