Sunday, 26 July 2015


I guess most of us have by now seen the horrifying videos of doctors discussing how to kill babies without destroying the body parts they want to save. You crush the spine in such a way as to save the brain and heart to sell. You wonder what ever happened to the hypocratic oath whereby doctors were supposed to promise to save lives to the best of their ability.

Unfortunately the same people who believe in this horrendous killing ( we used to think ancient china was uncivilized for killing little girls - we kill them all), often are screaming bloody murder that prairie dog habitat is being destroyed or snail darters. Really? You wonder how people can be so confused.

The left has a very powerful propaganda machine. This propaganda machine is everywhere. It is in our churches, in our press, on the internet, in all advertising, in movies  and on television. It dominates the news everywhere, including those three minutes on the radio every hour. I remember my son saying to me ( this man is very bright and well educated - a doctor of pharmacy) that he and his wife were thinking of having only one child because of the overcrowding of the earth!! I asked him if he had driven through Nevada lately, or North Dakota, or Oklahoma, or Texas, or Wyoming, or just about any state. He thought about that for awhile. He checked with his internet. He has seen all of this empty space everywhere. He and his wife now have two children. I was surprised myself by all the open space in Europe. I was humbled, as a Montanan, by the beautiful national parks. There is one between Salzberg ,Austria and Italy, where there are views of mountains as far as the eye can see - really rivalling or surpassing Montana. I was sucked into all the propaganda myself at one point. I guess I thought if America was all full- then Europe which is so much older - must be wall to wall buildings!! As a nation we need to step back and start thinking- really thinking- for ourselves.

I often testify before the school board here. I often do it extemporaneously. It is so easy to punch holes into the lies. These are educated people but it's like shooting fish in a barrel. They are so propagandized that in many instances they have just stopped thinking and they don't even know it. I remember when Common Core came out. They advertised this program with well chosen phrases for propaganda purposes. The creators of Common Core deliliberately sought to manipulate the public. It was an advertising campaign with slogans. School districts across the states bought it all - hook line and sinker!! They are not used to thinking for themselves. If the Office of Public Instruction says it is so- they believe it. Common Core propaganda slogans were "College and career ready" and "21st century". I really felt the board was stunned ( at least one of them is a lawyer) when I asked them what exactly the 21st  century learning was and how they were sure this was it. I also pointed out that schools have been graduating students and sending them into careers from the beginning. Hasn't this always been the goal of schools? They have no answer for these things but at least now they ask a few questions once in awhile.

Meanwhile we see stories in the press all the time about students punching teachers out or calling them names and it is the teacher who gets into trouble!! Are they really sure this is the way to raise children for the 21st century? We are raising entitled brats that live in the world of victimization. Only those students that have families that stop all this survive not thinking this is a rotten country and they deserve everything handed to them.I suggest that we put all that propaganda in the old round file ( the trash) and start believing in our own minds and common sense. Take from the past what is truly good ( and most of it is- tried and true values that do not change) and add new things, that really work, slowly. Be ready to get rid of new things that don't work because most of them don't. A nation and its culture and values is built over time - not by a few globalists at the U.N. that want to manage everybody. The propaganda will only stop when we quit listening - that is when it will lose all its effect. God Bless America and our Western heritage that has served us so well for thousands of years. It wasn't perfect and it is always improving itself - but no other nation or heritage was perfect either- if you think the Native Americans- for example- did not have war and slaves and abuse women - you are learning a propagandized and cleansed history. The women pulled those travois and we have the real slide pictures to prove it. Sacajawea, the guide for Lewis and Clark, was kidnapped by a Native American tribe and sold by them as a slave.

Prairie dogs or babies, you be the judge. I believe that when America stops listening to propaganda we will choose babies and jobs for our poor.

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  1. Right on, Barbara. If parents would only attend their local school board meetings once in a while they would see how their trustees are led around like sheep, unable to question anything thrown at them by their superintendent. And yes, it is astonishing the nonsense propaganda that is swallowed whole by the average Joe and Jill on the street. But it's a cycle, isn't it? Our government schools crank out legions of indoctrinated zombies, and they become the next generation of teachers and trustees.

    Keep up the great reporting.

    Tom - Rockin' On the Right Side