Saturday, 26 September 2015


When Jeb Bush says he doesn't believe in top down control and then supports Common Core - he is either ignorant or he is lying - you choose. Jeb must know that it takes only the smallest Federal Grant or program to infiltrate our schools. Right now our school superintendents don't breathe in or breathe out without checking their direction from the government.

All the rules from the Federal Government go to the state offices of public instruction and are directed by the state superintendent (who directs the state school board). These bozos( the school district superintendents) wouldn't be able to run a school district at all without their directions on everything they do. Policies are aligned with state law. NOTHING is local at all.

If parents don't like something -like say the new sex education standards- tough. Oh they can protest. They can have meetings where 500 people get up and speak. They can be the overwhelming majority. So what? Nothing changes. You might as well just stay home and not waste your time. The rules and programs have already been set by the U.N. and all their chummy bureaucrats that are directed by special interest groups in Washington D.C. Bureaucrats that have never taught a day in their life are running your schools. Your voice means nothing.

If you feel like you are living in a dictatorship- you are. I don't recommend giving up, but before you can change something you need to admit its realities.

I just came across some notes from the Masters program I took. God speaks in many ways- it was providential. What the notes were talking about was curriculum. The professor was giving the definition of curriculum. It said curriculum is the content of what you teach in each subject. So, is Jeb Bush saying Common Core is not dictating content? Is he saying all these textbooks that are aligned to Common Core have no content? Is he saying all these Smarter Balanced and Parcc tests that all the teachers are teaching to do not test content? REALLY? Jeb, do you think at all or are you just completely controlled by the globalist big corporatists that give you all your money?

I read a fair amount of History and I've never heard of a dictatorship that did not rely heavily on PROPAGANDA. That's right, as the dictatorship grows so does the PROPAGANDA TO CONTROL THE MASSES. So, the propaganda line is that Common Core is just standards. Yes, teachers are forced into Professional Learning Groups and their complete insrtuction and instructional day is controlled by programs and tests and this is just "standards". The Parents' voice is wiped out and this is just "standards".

The Common Core "Standards" line is as phony as the global warming line. These people want to control you and everything around you. We still have the vote. The powers that be want you to believe any attempt to make our elections clean is "stopping people from voting". Oh yes, you are a racist. MORE PROPAGANDA TO CONTROL YOU!! Registering people on the street and write in voting has one purpose- easier to cheat and control the ballot box. If people on the right side of the aisle stand up for their cause "they just aren't compromising". Yeah right, kind of like the Obama Care vote that had not one single Republican vote. Where did the left compromise?

I'm not afraid of Donald Trump or any other Republican that will stand up and tell the truth. We need people that are not cowed by all this propaganda. It's like the emperor has no clothes. Say the truth and be fearless and you will find out how weak the left really is. Their programs, for the most part, are just plain stupid. We need to take our freedom back. We don't have to listen to and follow the socialist left.

It's way past time for the large majority of these government departments and grants to end. The old joke about if you want eternal life just become a Federal program is true today, but if we want our freedom back it must not be true tomorrow. We're not a country that, except for the American Revolution and the Civil War, solves its internal disputes with violence. We can solve this one without violence too. Vote for real LEADERS that will stand up and face down the PROPAGANDA MACHINE. Then support that person - period. Put the interests of freedom above your personal greed and the leftist monsters will melt away like throwing water on the witch. The left bets you won't - prove them wrong. Please.


  1. As you have pointed out before, follow the money. There are billions to be made by implementing Common Core and that brings out the rats. Bush may mean well and is just too lazy to dig into the details. But I doubt it.

  2. update! Hello Iowa! Iowa just showed the left that personal greed was not what directed their votes. They voted for Ted Cruz even though he rightly was against government subsidies for ehtanol! We have discovered new oil sources all aacross our country and can be energy independent without ethanol. If ethanol wants to compete on the open market they should. If their product is too expensive to compete they will fail. That's how capitalism works. America has to start paying its' debts. Iowa, I am so proud of you. You give me hope for our future!