Wednesday, 2 September 2015


The ACLU ( American Civil Liberties Union) is having a heyday in our schools. Their latest victory is having a school district in Nebraska be stopped from having teachers sign a loyalty pledge to the United States of America. Their reasoning is that teachers have free speech!! Seriously - teachers can say anything they want in the classroom? Really ACLU? Who can say anything they want at work - anywhere anytime?

If you work for a company can you tell customers that your company is a bad company? Can you tell customers that the product is bad and they should shop somewhere else? Can you tell customers off? The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Can you share company secrets? NO!!  The answer is that when you are at work your time belongs to your employer and during that time your speech is controlled by that employer.

Does the ACLU think that teachers can say anything they want at school? Can they insult children and their families? Can they use vulgar language? Do they have no responsibility to be a good role model? How does the ACLU get away with this nonsense?? Obviously teachers do have a code of conduct and control over their speech at school.

My son is quite a sports enthusiast. We were watching a baseball game the other night and he began to talk about what makes a good team. What a team needs is BUY IN. Yes indeed- if you want your players to work together and to play their best they must have LOYALTY TO THEIR TEAM!! What  about the children of this nation? How can we expect them to love their country and become good citizens when they have NO  BUY IN?

The bigger question is why do we allow the ACLU to take this position of power? It is time to stop the ACLU. I for one am not ready to surrender to this horrible self serving organization that is always looking for a payday by destroying this nation. They have long ago lost any credibility they ever had to protect anyone's civil liberties.

Last night I watched a movie about Stalingrad and how they fought off the Germans through a winter of terror, bombing and embargos that tried to starve them. The people won because no matter how bad thngs got they did not stop fighting back. I'm sure the American people can fight back too. This is a great nation and will coninue to be  inspite of all the efforts of organizations like the ACLU.

We will teach our children to love this country and we will overwhelm the illegal immigrants who will vote for people like Barack Obama who hates this country. We will vote for good people who will lead America to greatness - both in Washington D.C. and in our cities and on our school boards. America - all we need to do is to stand up and fight back. The ACLU is really very weak - they are a bully who counts on intimidation. Vote for people who love this country and they will appoint Federal judges who love this country. The ACLU will fold like a tent.

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